Kambosos Heats Up: Fires Back at Critics Ahead of Lomachenko Clash

By Sean Jones - 02/02/2024 - Comments

George Kambosos Jr. is just as fiery as ever, lashing back at his critics ahead of his fight for the vacant IBF lightweight title against legend Vasily Lomachenko on May 12th at the RAC Arena in Perth, Australia.

Shakur Stevenson and Teofimo Lopez have both been giving the former IBF/WBA/WBO & Ring lightweight champion Kambosos (21-2, 10 KOs) some of their lip. Kambosos isn’t going to take it without retaliating.

Dismissing Stevenson’s Predictions

“He can say whatever he wants. I don’t care about Shakur. Shakur has got no stock anymore. He’s a nobody,” said George Kambosos Jr. to Sporting News Australia, reacting to being told that Shakur Stevenson predicts that Vasily Lomachenko will knock him out on May 12th.

“I saw his last fight. I hope they get that nice YMCA ready for you with 50 people. He got given it [the WBC lightweight title]. We’ll have to wait and see after May 12th.”

The comment from Kambosos about Shakur winding up fighting at a YMCA soon is about his low attendance figures for his recent fights. Unfortunately, he’s not a draw for Top Rank, who still have him for one more fight if he comes out of retirement.

Taking Aim at “Delusional” Teofimo

“That guy is a peanut brain, and whatever little IQ he has left after what I did to him, it’s not much because he does not make sense,” said Kambosos Jr. about Teofimo Lopez. “He’s a very delusional kid, and we’ve been there. We went to his backyard.”

Some fans are questioning Teofimo’s sanity due to the strange things he has said since his loss to Kambosos in 2021. They believe Teo is insane now.

“Now, if he’s serious about making a fight happen, you’ve got to come see me,” said Kambosos. “Come to my backyard. Whatever he says, whatever rubbish he talks, that’s okay. We already got the scores up on you. We took everything off of you.

Lomachenko: The True Focus

“Now, we focus on May 12th, Vasily Lomachenko. This will be two warriors that will come to fight,” said Kambosos about his fight with Lomachenko. “It’s two guys that will leave everything in the ring. This is do or die for both of us.

“Careers on the line, Hall of Fame on the line, belts on the line, everything is on the line. I’m not leaving it to chance in this fight,” said Kambosos.

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