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Welcome to Boxing News 24, your premier source for all things boxing since 2007. As a testament to the sweet science, our website has been at the forefront of delivering the latest and most insightful boxing news, results, analysis, and features.

Our Journey

Founded in 2003, our platform began as a modest blog, fueled by a dedicated team of boxing writers and analysts. In 2007, we re-launched as a new site. Our goal was straightforward yet bold: to offer boxing fans a platform that not only updates you with the latest fights and events in the sport but also delves into the rich history and detailed intricacies of boxing.

Our Growth

Over the years, we have grown exponentially, thanks to our dedicated team and the overwhelming support of our readers. Today, we boast a diverse team of seasoned writers, each bringing their unique perspective and expertise to our content. Our writers are more than just journalists; they are fans at heart, sharing the same excitement and dedication as our readers.

Trusted and Unbiased Reporting

Every day, Boxing News 24 remains the most trusted source of fast, accurate, and unbiased boxing news. We understand the importance of reliability in journalism, and our commitment to truth and objectivity has earned us the trust and loyalty of countless boxing fans worldwide.

Global Contributors and Ringside Coverage

Our strength lies in our global network of contributors. With writers and correspondents from all over the world, we have a unique ability to cover boxing events extensively. Our team is often ringside, providing live, in-depth coverage and offering exclusive interviews with all the top boxers. This hands-on approach allows us to bring our readers closer to the action and the stars of the sport.

Community and Engagement

Our growth is not just in numbers but also in the sense of community we have fostered. We are proud to have cultivated a vast and engaged fan base that spans the globe. Our comment sections and forums are alive with lively discussions, where fans debate, celebrate, and share their love for boxing.

Our Commitment

We remain committed to providing top-contender quality journalism, upholding the highest standards of integrity and accuracy. Whether it’s covering significant make-or-break fights, profiling up-and-coming fighters, or providing in-depth analyses, we are dedicated to keeping you informed and entertained.

Looking Forward

As we continue our journey, we are constantly innovating and adapting to bring you the best possible experience. From interactive features to podcasts and video content, we are always exploring new ways to enhance our coverage.

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Whether you are a long-time boxing fan or new to the sport, we invite you to be a part of our community. Join us for the latest news, insightful commentary, and a shared love for the sport of boxing.

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