Gervonta Davis Turns Down Big Money Offer for Benn Fight

By Jamie Eskdale - 02/21/2024 - Comments

Promoter Eddie Hearn says Gervonta Davis rejected an offer of over $10 million that could been as high as $25 million from the PPV and gate money for a fight against welterweight Conor Benn.

Hearn didn’t say he could have gotten as much as $25 million for the fight if he had told Tank Davis. If Tank wanted that amount guaranteed, that would be a problem because the fight may not have done well enough on the U.S. side for Hearn to break even.

American boxing fans probably wouldn’t be interested in paying to watch Tank fight Benn, seeing that he’s not well known in the States, and the fans who do know of him recognize that he’s a limited fighter with an inflated record.

What also may have factored in Tank Davis’ decision not to agree to the offer was the reports of Benn rehydrating to 171 lbs for his last fight against Peter Dobson on February 3rd. If Tank took the fight, he’d likely be outweighed by 20+ lbs.

Benn isn’t a great fighter, but Tank still wouldn’t want to face a guy weighing over 20 lbs more than on fight night.

Misunderstanding the Offer?

“We made him an offer, which he felt he didn’t want to discuss further,” said promoter Eddie Hearn to iFL TV about an offer he made to lightweight Gervonta Davis to fight welterweight contender Conor Benn.

“It was over the $10 [million guaranteed], but it also had PPV bonuses beyond that, gate bonuses beyond that. So it could’ve been $20 million, could’ve been $25 million. But he didn’t really want to discuss it,” Hearn continued about Gervonta Davis.

“I made him an offer that I felt was an offer that was quite powerful for the fight and could also lead to a lot more than that beyond the basic but, you know…I think he probably don’t really understand the dynamic of the deal, the numbers. I might go back,” said Hearn.

If Tank Davis didn’t understand the amount that he could make from the fight, it’s not too late for Hearn to speak to him to let him know he could make a massive amount of money.

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