Gervonta Davis rates his talent above Mike Tyson’s: “I got the whole package”

By Boxing News - 10/26/2023 - Comments

By Allan Fox: Gervonta Davis feels that his boxing skills are better than that of former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, who he says was just a “brawler.”

The difference between the two is that ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson fought quality opposition during his career and wasn’t watched against Instagram boxers, and he didn’t use rehydration clauses to drain his opponents like Gervonta Davis.

It’s ridiculous for Tank Davis to rate himself above Mike Tyson skill-wise when the best fighter he’s faced during his career was probably Jose Pedraza. Tank has been protected for too long by his handlers at Mayweather Promotions, who have shielded him from the brutality of the cold, hard world of boxing.

Instead of matching Tank Davis against the best, Mayweather Promotions has chosen to match against the beatable fighters to build a fluff record and has sold his fights to fans not aware of what’s going on.

“I think I’m a boxer-puncher. He [Mike Tyson] was a brawler,” said Gervonta Davis to Open Thoughts, talking about a comparison to his style and former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

“Mike Tyson has got power and skills, I feel as though I have the whole package. Mike Tyson don’t have,” said Tank.

Mike Tyson was obviously a better-skilled fighter than Tank Davis, who is basically a one-armed guy who lacks the two-fisted power and skills of the former heavyweight champion.

Hopefully, one of these days before Tank ages out, his promoters will start matching him the right way, putting him in with the top guys at 135 so that the boxing public can see if he’s got ability.

What we’ve been seeing is careful match-making being done for Gervonta, steering him away from guys that could test him, and focusing on beatable opposition like Ryan Garcia, Isaac Cruz, Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero, Hector Garcia, and Mario Barrios.

If you don’t know anything about boxing, you’d think that Tank Davis has been fighting the killers his entire career, but that’s not the reality. He’s been the bottom feeder, and when he has faced decent opposition, he had a size advantage.

It’s difficult to take Gervonta seriously as a fighter, given his carefully selected opposition throughout his ten-year professional career and his use of weight stipulations for his fights.

Mayweather Promotions has been matching Gervonta (29-0, 27 KOs) carefully his entire career, keeping him away from the opposition that would show whether he’s for real or just a fake, manufactured fighter.

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