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Hank Lundy sends message to Adrien Broner: “You’re playing with the devil”

Image: Hank Lundy sends message to Adrien Broner: "You're playing with the devil"

By Sam Volz: Hank Lundy says he’s coming to “f**k Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner up next month in their February 25th fight and mess up AB’s first fight of a three-fight deal with BLK Prime PPV at the Gateway Center Arena, College Park, Georgia.

For the former four-division world champion Broner (34-4-1, 24 KOs), Lundy is supposed to be a gimme before he gets to the meat of his deal with BLK Prime against potential opponents like Regis Prograis.

The 39-year-old Lundy (31-12-1, 14 KOs) intends on throwing a wrench into the works of Broner’s bank heist, wrecking things before he’s even gotten to the high-caliber opposition.

What’s unknown is if BLK Prime has an escape clause in the contract they gave Broner in case he crumbles in his first fight against his low-level opponent. The last thing they need is for Broner to be beaten up by Lundy, showing what a huge blunder it was for them to sign the badly washed  AB.

If Broner loses to the journeyman Lundy, there would be no point in BLK Prime keeping him for the next two fights of his three-fight contract because the matches won’t bring in any PPV buys.

A loss to Lundy would mean that Broner couldn’t be stepped up against better opposition without it being a total massacre, which would further highlight the huge mistake BLK Prime made in signing Broner for the kind of money they’re set to pay him in his three-fight contract.

“I put a little call out there, and they answered me back,” said Hank Lundy to Fighthype about how he got the fight with Adrien Broner for February 25th. “They shot me a name, and I said, ‘Hell yeah.’ I didn’t even ask no money. That’s how much of a dog I am. I didn’t ask for no money. I just said, ‘Yeah, give it to me.’

I’m f***ing you up,” said Lundy when asked if he had a message to Broner. “Plain and simple. F**k all that s**t you put out on the Internet. F**k all the talk. F**k all the funny bull s**t. You looking at a Philadelphia dog.

“In Philadelphia, we don’t play that bull s**t, man. When you looking into my eyes, you know deep down inside, this mother f***ker ain’t playing. I get crazy, do you know what I mean? I just zone the f**k out. I’m just zoning out, man.

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“I’m coming; I’m here. You’re playing with a f**king devil, man. F**k all that street s**t you’re talking. It’s game time. It’s wartime. You’re entering into the danger zone. Let’s eat. Dog walking time,” said Lundy.

As bad as Broner has looked in his last five fights, Lundy has got a heck of a chance of defeating him on February 25th if he fights aggressively, and throws a lot of punches.

“I was the reason he won three world titles,” Lundy said when asked about him sparring with Broner in the past. “I got him ready. Antonio DeMarco, he stopped him [in 2012].

“I had the #1 spot to fight him, but someone did me dirty. I ain’t going to put no names there. I took some money for some step aside money. I ain’t never get it, but I respect Mike Stafford. He got me Adrien. Al Haymon bring me to camp, putting that money back in my pocket. I got respect for y’all guys.

“You’re watching me from your house.  I do this. It ain’t about nothing,” said Lundy when told that a lot of boxing fans are predicting that Broner is going to knock him out. “Once again, I got to show y’all. It ain’t over. I’m here.

“I’m 39. I’m letting y’all know that I’m 39, come touch me. I told y’all, I’m giving free smoke to everybody this year. Regis [Prograis], I heard you want the winner. I gave you an easy bout with [Jose] Zepeda because the world seen how I f***ed him up [for the record, Jose Zepeda beat Lundy by a lopsided 10 round unanimous decision in May 2021].

“When I get in front of you, I’ll f**k you up too,” said Lundy in sending a message to WBC light welterweight champion Regis Prograis. “He can get it; let’s get it. You got it easy against Zepeda because I spoiled him when I beat the brakes off him. That’s my belt [WBC 140]. Keep it warm for me; I’m coming to get it. I’m coming to get it. Keep it warm.

“This year I ain’t playing no games, man. Y’all got to check in. This is what I’m saying. After this fight, if y’all real about it, have the contract right there at the fight. I’ll sign it right there.  That’s what I’m doing now.

“We ain’t got to wait until after the fight or a week after. Talk your trash. Show up with the contract. Right after I get out of the ring, I’m signing it right then and there. Let’s get it.

“Who really wants to fight? We’re about to check your temperature. Who really wants to fight?  I’m giving out free smoke all this year. Let’s get it. That’s what we’re here for. I’m not playing no games,” Lundy said when told that he can write his check for any big fight he wants if he defeats Broner on February 25th.

“Of course, we’re going to talk our s**t, but look at me. Look into my eyes. Like I tell most of y’all. I got to bury my father after this mother f***king fight. Pain is motivation for me. Look into my eyes. I’m coming to kill. We’re cool after that mother f***king bell ring.

“I got to bury my father. I ain’t playing no games, man. Kill or be killed, that’s my mentality. My mentality is kill or be killed. Let’s go, man. I got to bury my father. Let’s get it. All the bull s**t out the door. Let’s get it.

“Get them contracts ready. I’m coming.  147, it ain’t nothing, man. On the street, there ain’t no weight classes. I don’t give a f**k about no weight. They ain’t no weight classes in fighting.

“I fight for real. I fight fight. F**k the contract and all that weight s**t. I fight fight. Ten rounds, we could have done twelve. I’m in shape. We could have done twelve. As a matter of fact, we go back to the old school. I can do 15.

“I can do 15 rounds. Let’s get it. I want a 15-rounder before I retire. Who wants to step up to the plate and give me that? One of you chumps that talk all this trash,  give me a 15-rounder, man. Old school s**t before I walk off.

“Pass the baton. Who is going to give me 15 rounds, old school s**t. And they can’t. I told y’all. I’m that old school junkyard, sitting in the back of the damn parking lot, with all the cars and s**t with the oil, sitting there.

“They can try, but one thing, they got to pay that note,” said Lundy when told that a lot of fighters want to get his name on their resume. “You got to pay that note because Hank Lundy is must-see TV, baby.

“The legend s**t at it’s finest, man. I don’t pay that legend s**t no mind. Let’s go. We’re about to wreak havoc. January is a good year. First of all, it was the King’s birthday. That’s a good year. Let’s get it.

“I’m more like 21,” said Lundy. “39 is the new 21. Let’s get it, man.

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