Gervonta Davis says he’ll fight Haney, Teofimo, Ryan Garcia, the new 4 Kings

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By Jeff Aronow: Gervonta ‘Tank’  Davis says he’s part of the new generation of the ‘Four Kings’  and he believes he’ll eventually fight the other three kings, Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney, and Teofimo Lopez.

Tank (25-0, 24  KOs) doesn’t know when those fights will happen, though, because he’s leaving it up to his promoters Mayweather  Promotions, to choose the right time.

If Mayweather Promotions are going to make those fights happen, they’re going to need to do it soon forTank.

IBF/WBA/WBO lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez is about to move up to 140, and Devin Haney might be moving up in weight too, in a couple of years.

Gervonta excluding Lomachenko & Shakur in 4 Kings

Tank isn’t mentioning Vasily Lomachenko or Shakur Stevenson as being part of the Four Kings, which doesn’t make sense because both of those guys would likely beat Ryan, Haney, and Teofimo. I know Teofimo beat Lomachenko last year, but that was an injured version of Loma.

Gervonta to fight Haney, Ryan Garcia & Teofimo

“I can’t really say why it hasn’t happened because I’m not really [in charge],” said Gervonta Davis to ESPN when he’s one of the ‘Four Kings’ of the lightweight division and asked when he’ll fight the other three  Kings, Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney, and Teofimo Lopez.

Image: Gervonta Davis says he'll fight Haney, Teofimo, Ryan Garcia, the new 4 Kings

“Right now, I let them [Mayweather Promotions] to the business side as far as promotion. I can’t really say why it isn’t happening.

“If I was to say something like that, I’d be completely wrong because I don’t know what’s going on.

“I let them do their job, and if it’s meant, it’s meant. Like with Crawford and Shawn Porter. It’ll get to a point where we’ll fight, but it’s like when?

“My main goal is to beat who they put in front of me so that when it’s time fight one of the Four Kings or out of the Three Kings [Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney, and Teofimo Lopez], then that’s what it is. But as far as now, I’ve got to beat who they put in front of me,”  said Tank  Davis.

Tank talks about the Biggest problem in boxing

“The biggest problem in boxing? Right now, people playing with the sport,”  said Tank  Davis. “They’re playing with boxing.  They’re making it like a WWE situation.

“Now, everybody knows you get hurt in the sport.  That’s what I think is the biggest problem.

“We can’t jump up and go to the NFL or the NBA,  so why do they think it’s cool to play in our sport? I’m not saying no names.

“I’m saying whoever,” said Tank Davis when asked if he was referring to the Paul brothers. “Triller, they just come into the sport, and they’re putting on any kind of event.

“They put on events with people smoking. Come on, bro. I would never be a fan of that.

“You can’t commentate or promote if you’re smoking. We don’t do that. It’s not a playground. Make the fights happen.

“The guy is in a combat sport, so I don’t think that’s bad,” said Gervonta when asked about his thoughts on the recent Triller event between 59-year-old Evander Holyfield and Vitor Belfort.

“Keep it professional. Don’t make the sport [like a circus]  because we eat off this.  This is our livelihood.

“So don’t come down and drag our sport down. Let’s keep it classy. Floyd did that with McGregor.

“I don’t think that’s bad. I think that’s good that they can come over. This is not no game,” said Tank when asked if he’s not in favor of Tiktokers and rappers being involved in boxing events.

“It makes it a joke. There’s no way that somebody should just walk up, and they have not fights making $200 million, and you’ve got people that have been training since they were six, and they ain’t making half of that.

“You can’t do that in any other sport. Why should they do that in ours?”  said Davis about how the YouTubers are making a mockery of the sport of boxing with their events.

It’s tragic how non-boxers like YouTubers are allowed to compete in boxing events on pay-per-view.

Other sports like the NFL and the NBA would never allow a rag-tag team to enter the league with the sole purpose of playing in the Super Bowl to make a ton of money.

Boxing needs to be controlled by the State Commissions to prevent any Joe Blow from turning pro and fighting in PPV events like we see with the YouTubers. It’s arguably a lousy product they provide, and the fans don’t get their money’s worth.

Tank wants to whip Rolly

“He’s trying to get in my head, but he’s not no good at it,” said Gervonta Davis about Rolly.

Image: Gervonta Davis says he'll fight Haney, Teofimo, Ryan Garcia, the new 4 Kings

“He don’t have nothing. What does he bring to the table? Whooping his troll a**, that’s about it,” said Tank when asked what Rolando Romero brings to the table.

“We can’t overlook him; he’s definitely a worthy opponent because he’s 14-0 with 12 knockouts. Other than that, he don’t bring nothing to the table. But you can be 14-0, and they can bring you the right way to make you 14-0.

“I like to fight one fight at a time. Everybody has got their own situation going on, and I like to focus on my own situation. In the end, hopefully, we all meet, but right now, I’m just focused on Rolly.

“I’m trying to expand. I want to be an all-around-the-board star. I want to be one of those top guys in the sport and out of the sport too. That’s what I’m trying to do—a people’s champ.

“I can’t say this sport does it, or the next fight does it,”  said Tank Davis when asked whether the Rolly fight will turn him into a massive star in the sport. “I want to keep progressing as I go. As I keep walking forward, I want to progress each and every day.

“He’s got to prove everything he says,” said Gervonta about the trash-talking Rolly Romero has been doing. “He’s talking, but you always got to prove it.

“They always got to back up what they’re talking about,  no matter what. You got to put it both together. Your talk has to match your actions. December 5th is his test,”  said Gervonta about Rolando.

The only reason Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero is getting a title shot against Gervonta on December  5th is that he’s with the same promoters at Mayweather Promotions.

It’s fair to say if Rolly was promoted by Matchroom Boxing, Top Rank, or Golden Boy, he wouldn’t be getting this chance to fight Tank.

This is all about in-house fighting, which is arguably as lousy as the circus-level fights involving YouTubers and Tiktokers.

When you get promoters that mainly want to put together with in-house fights, they’re turning the sport into separate leagues.

It’s like the NFL used to be run when there were two different leagues, the AFL and NFL. They didn’t play each other except in the Super Bowl, and it wasn’t until 1966 that the AFL and NFL merged into one league.

Rolly is getting the fight with Gervonta only because he’s with the same promoters,  and they’re doing in-house contests.

If Tank lets Mayweather Promotions do this his entire career, he’s going to miss out on a lot of money he could make fighting the top talents with other promoters.

Rolly doesn’t have the experience of fighting Tank for a world title,  and it’s another example of how promoters are wrecking the sport.

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