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Mayweather-Pacquiao: The Great Show

Floyd Mayweather Jr Manny PacquiaoBy Reveriano: The Boxing Establishment new campaign is magnificently simple. It is basically that the so-called “Fight of the Century” has come and has passed. It had all the potential to live up to its huge price tag but unfortunately Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a boxing genius that is to skilled and Manny Pacquiao gave it his best shot and was injured. It is time for everyone to move on and buy the next great and competitive match on PPV.

This is perhaps the biggest piece of excrement from a large horned animal since the allegation that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons. Let’s be honest this was all a great show meant for everyone involved to cash out. And I will rationally prove and show you guys. (Disclosure: I did not pay to watch two aging fighters).

For starters why anyone would be interested in buying a fight called “Fight of the Century” is beyond me. We are barely in the year 2015 and I would like to think that my expensive Public School education thought me that there are 85 more years in the century. And if something needs a massive hyperbole to sell than it probably should not be bought. But hey if Mayweather and Pacquiao tells everyone it’s the fight of the century you have no choice but to listen to them and pay to watch.

Secondly, Pacquiao likely knew that he was not 100% ready for the match. Any person that can read a Wikipedia article can see that Pacquiao has fought no-one of value for quite a few years. Instead he simply took the circus show to China because after the Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez defeat many Americans lost all interest. And when a town is tired of your show you move on to the next. But hey apparently at the ripe age of 36 his almighty god had returned the fire to him. The debate of whether he was injured before the fight or not is completely pointless. There was no way Pacquiao’s old body could meet the demand anymore. Unfortunately, quite a few million people were ready to believe that he was a Filipino superman who did not age.

Third, let’s give Pacquio the benefit of the doubt and believe that he had injured his shoulder. That means that all along he likely knew he was not 100%. But not only that but I personally think that his trainer Freddie Roach and everyone in Top Rank must have suspected he was not going to win. So if you can see that your two main perceived advantages are not going to be possible how can you still believe there is any of chance of victory. So either Pacquio is suffering from completely loss of rational though or he knew all along he was going to lose.

Fourth, Pacquiao team failed to disclose the injury to the Nevada State Athletic Commission well ahead of time. Did they expect the Antin-Doping Commission to report their comments directly to the Nevada Commission makes you even more reported? Pacquiao’s management is not naïve/green/or having their first run around the block. This are people that know all the procedures and don’t make mistakes. The Nevada Boxing Commission quickly responded that if they would had known they would had send Pacquiao to get an MRI to confirm that everything was okay. Just imagine the media attention escorting Pacquio to the hospital and then realizing that hey Pacquiao will only be relying on one hand. Would anyone had bothered to buy the fight then? I am certain the prices on everything would had dropped faster than the Stock Market in the crash of 2008.

Fifth, After the fight, Bob Arum stated that all athletes suffer from injuries. That is very true in soccer, basketball, football, and baseball all athletes suffer from injuries. But they disclose them and more importantly don’t ask people to pay to watch them struggle with an injury. Kellerman, must seriously be smoking some very good weed, because his interpretation (spin) has really been crazy lately. Now he is attempting to make Pacquiao a hero arguing that it was noble that he tried to box with an injured shoulder. Of course it’s noble if that action helps pay your paycheck. But I am sure a person who paid to watch it has the same reasoning.

Sixth, Pacquiao did have the pressure to deliver but Mayweather is at fault also. Let’s be honest the fight was super boring but no one is criticizing Mayweather because that is how he fights. Most people assume it would be foolish to think that Mayweather, who has so admitted, would change his style of fighting, for any fight. But I disagree completely. If Pacquio was injured then Mayweather probably knew about it in advance. His team admitted that they knew everything that was happening in the Pacquiao camp. So that simple leads to me ask the simple question, ‘If you are fighting damaged goods. Why don’t you do more?’ I think that people should question why the so called master of the sweet science didn’t take advantage of the situation. My answer is simply that his 38 year old body couldn’t do more.

There is a reason why I believe that Pacquiao told Mayweather “Thanks” at the weight in. And that reason was simply because Mayweather did end up helping him financially. He gave him the perfect retirement. Tons of cash and no real physical damage. No one questions Mayweather’s greed. But how Pacquiao had the guts to take this fight with a preexisting injury to his shoulder is beyond me.

Mayweather waited for Pacquiao to be at the very end of his career to fight him. This meant that both maximized their profits throughout their careers and then proceeded to massively cash out. All on your heard earned money.

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