Mayweather’s Money Moves: Flaunting Rolls Royce and Cash for NBA Youngboy Raises Eyebrows

By @James_theGrad - 01/27/2024 - Comments

Retired former boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. took to social media today to brag about his expensive Rolls Royce automobile, priced at $500K, and pose with two large suitcases brimming with cold hard cash, which he says he’s bringing to rapper NBA Youngboy.

It’s unclear what spurred the 46-year-old Mayweather to take to social media to flaunt his expensive Rolls Royce and to show off suitcases full of loot, but some would argue that he needs praise from fans.

No longer able to compete in boxing due to his advanced age, Mayweather wants approval for being wealthy. He seems to need validation for being rich and to show his superiority.

Luxury on Display

“Just another ordinary day, chilling in an EWA Rolls Royce [automobile with estimated price of $540,000]. For those who don’t know what an EWA is. That’s an extended wheelbase Rolls Royce,” said Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Instagram, bragging about his car.

“I need the legroom. I know I’m not that tall, about 5’8 1/2″ and somedays 5’9,” but it is what it is,” Mayweather continued. “I’m chilling here watching ‘The Thrilla in Manilla,’ Ali vs. Frazier documentary. Check it out.

It’s pretty shallow, obviously, but that’s how it is with people who are filthy rich. They buy expensive mansions to get attention and be adored but end up with the wrong people, wanting to be around them just for their money.

Cash for the King?

“Up top every planet [lit up ceiling of Floyd’s Rolls Royce, and the bag [full of huge stacks of paper money], it’s crazy. NBA Youngboy [rapper]. See all this? It’s on its way to you,” said Mayweather.

Floyd doesn’t say why he’s bringing money to the rapper, leaving fans to speculate his reasons. Is this a gift to NBA Youngboy, or what?

Boxing fans on social media say Mayweather should donate the money to the poor rather than giving it away to a guy who is already wealthy himself.

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