Boxing Results: Chordale Booker Dominates Vendetti at the Mohegan Sun

By Tom Galm - 02/05/2024 - Comments

Chordale Booker shrugged off a feisty challenge from Greg Vendetti at the Mohegan Sun Arena, cruising to a dominant victory with judges tipping the scales at 99-91 (twice) and 98-92 in a 10-rounder.

The night was lit with “Winter Brawl 2024” throwing down a full deck of 10 fights, including a trio of WBC title showdowns, a handful of undercard tussles, and the “Jimmy Burchfield’s Classic Invitational” for the amateur crowd, all streaming live for the fight-hungry fans on Swerve Combat TV.

Booker, clearly nettled by Vendetti’s jabs about his stamina and battle-hardiness, vowed to school “The Villain” … And school he did!

As the bell rang, Vendetti launched into his signature early attack, but Booker, nimble and strategic, danced around, slipping and countering the barrage aimed his way.

Round 2 saw Vendetti dip low, an invite Booker couldn’t refuse, answering with crisp uppercuts and hooks that started to tell the tale. A left in the third opened a cut over Vendetti’s eye, and the plot thickened. Vendetti tried to muddle through with stance switches and inside brawling, but Booker, ever the tactician, found his moments to strike, turning the exchange into a highlight reel of counterpunching artistry.

By the seventh, Booker had the script flipped, dictating terms and peppering Vendetti with shots that had “The Villain” reeling but not retreating. Despite a body shot that bent him double in the ninth, Vendetti stood tall, trading leather till the last bell, a testament to his grit but not enough to derail Booker’s march to victory.

In the co-main event, Ricky de los Santos claimed the biggest win of his career, outmaneuvering Nathan Martinez to snatch the vacant WBC US Silver Super Featherweight strap. The fight lived up to its even billing early on, but de los Santos, with reach and rhythm on his side, took command, jabbing and hooking his way to a decisive win, cheered on by his family ringside.

Francis  Hogan also made headlines, dominating Dormedes Potes for the WBC US Silver Middleweight title, showcasing a mix of body shots and headhunters that had Potes tasting canvas and Hogan’s hand raised in victory.

Alejandro  Paulino kept his undefeated streak alive, outlasting D’Angelo Keyes in a bout that tested Paulino’s resilience and showcased his boxing smarts, despite a bloody nose in the final frame.

The flyweight scrap between Angel Gonzalez and Christian Robles was a slugfest from go, with Gonzalez dropping Robles and pushing the pace to claim a unanimous nod from the judges.

“King” Kevin Walsh made quick work of Darrell Rivera, landing a devastating counter right that ended their lightweight tangle within the first round, sending a clear message to the lightweight division.

Carlos Vanegas Nunez bounced back with a vengeance, overwhelming Jaden Webb with a brutal body attack that had the ref stepping in to call it quits in the first, marking a fierce return to form for Nunez.

Slawomir Bohdziewicz kept his knockout streak alive, dispatching Bruno Saraiva with a flurry that had the Polish contingent on their feet, signaling a promising rise for the young prospect.

James Maner opened the show with a boxing clinic against Miguel Torres, using reach and speed to navigate a head clash and a point deduction, sealing a solid win to kick off the night’s festivities.