Results: Efe Ajagba – Vianello, Anderson – Merhy Video Highlights

By Amy A Kaplan - 04/13/2024 - Comments

Efe Ajagba, the Nigerian heavyweight “Silent Roller”, narrowly escaped with a win in a clench-your-fists kind of split decision over Italy’s Guido Vianello. Ajagba managed to keep his cool even after Vianello tried to knock him into next week with a mighty right hand in round two.

Ajagba bounced back, throwing uppercuts like he was distributing free candy, and switched to southpaw in the later rounds just to spice things up. Apparently, Vianello thought he was solving a puzzle, finally catching on in the last round, but too late, buddy! Ajagba had already impressed enough judges to walk away with a win. One judge had it 96-94 for Vianello, which was overruled by two scores of 96-94 for Ajagba.

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Meanwhile, in what might as well have been a yawning contest, Jared “The Real Big Baby” Anderson fought Ryad Merhy, who seemed to have forgotten he was in a fight, throwing a pitiful 144 punches in 10 rounds. Anderson, on the other hand, was there to work, throwing over 600 punches. He won, obviously—unanimously because, well, you’ve got to actually fight to win, right?

Anderson, ever the office worker, said it was just another day at the office. He’s ready to take on anyone now. If you’re ranked near him, watch out!

“I stayed sharp for 10 rounds. That’s the biggest takeaway. I got to make some changes. I made some mistakes. I got hit with a few punches. I shouldn’t have gotten hit at all because he didn’t even come here to fight.

“I want all of the names. If I’m ranked with you and your name is near mine, then we can get it crackin’. We’re coming to knock everybody off.”

All results:

Super Featherweight Division: Robson Conceição triumphed over Jose Guardado by seventh-round TKO, showcasing rapid combinations and a decisive left hook to the body that secured his victory.

Middleweight Division: Julian Delgado debuted professionally with a win against Juan Tamez, decided by consistent performance over four rounds, reflected in unanimous judge scores in his favor.

Featherweight Division: Ruben Villa won over Cristian Cruz by unanimous decision, effectively managing the fight with his constant pressure and sharp counters to take home the WBC Silver belt.

Welterweight Division: John Rincon secured a majority decision victory against Yainel Alvarez, using his southpaw jab to control the fight despite Alvarez’s late attempts to pressure.

Lightweight Division: Abdullah Mason delivered a dramatic fourth-round TKO against Ronal Ron, highlighted by two brutal knockdowns and aggressive pursuit to close the fight early.

Junior Lightweight Division: Charly Suarez earned a unanimous decision against Louie Coria, dominating with quick left hooks and right hands, although Coria managed a knockdown at the fight’s end.

Junior Lightweight Division: Alejandro Guerrero made a comeback to defeat Jalen Walker by TKO in the seventh round after knocking him down twice, showing remarkable resilience and determination.

Heavyweight Division: Ali Feliz impressively won his professional debut by second-round TKO against Anthony Woodson III, demonstrating powerful striking ability.