Results: Gill vs. Barrett – Video Highlights

By Tom Galm - 04/13/2024 - Comments

Right from the bell, Jora Gill charged like a bull, piling on the heat non-stop. Barrett kept his cool, slipping and sliding through the onslaught with ease, and picking off Gill’s midsection with sharp precision. His jab was on point, effectively keeping Gill at bay despite the intense pressure.

As they hit the half-way mark, Gill’s eye was puffing up like a pastry, and you could see Barrett’s confidence soaring. The crowd got rowdy, screaming for Zelfa to crank it up and go for the knockout. Gill, stubborn as ever, kept hammering away, trying to make the ring his personal turf while Barrett played it cool on the defensive.

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By the tenth round, it was anybody’s game. What’s it gonna be judges? Team Defense or Team Aggression? Turns out, Barrett had other plans.

Gill took a brutal body shot that buckled his knees, leading to a painful stagger before he hit the deck. The crowd in Manchester went wild, screaming for the finish. Like he’d smelled blood, Barrett honed in on Gill’s weakness, hammering in another body shot that floored Gill again right after he’d managed to pull himself up.

Gill scraped himself off the canvas, showing guts, but Barrett was relentless. Down came the hammer, and the ref had to jump in to stop the massacre. Manchester has a new kingpin in Zelfa Barrett.

All Results:

Zelfa Barrett TKO-10 Jordan Gill (2:44)
Ste Clarke PTS-4 Jensen Irving (40-35)
Ellie Scotney UD-10 Segolene Lefebvre (96-94, 97-93, 99-91)
Rhiannon Dixon UD-10 Karen Elizabeth Carabajal (96-93, 97-92, 98-91)
Jordan Flynn PTS-6 Tampela Maharusi (59-54)
Michael Gomez Jr TKO-6 Kane Baker (0:36)

YouTube video