Keith Thurman has “everything to gain” fighting Errol Spence says Tim Bradley

By Boxing News - 11/14/2022 - Comments

By Dan Ambrose: Tim Bradley says Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman has everything to gain in his WBC-ordered fight against IBF/WBA/WBC welterweight champion Errol Spence Jr.

Bradley feels it’s a huge opportunity for the former WBA/WBC 147-lb Thurman (30-1 22 KOs) to get a title shot and a big payday against Spence (28-0, 22 KOs).

With that said, Bradley is predicting that Thurman will get knocked out by Spence, who will attack him to the body, which has proven to be his weak spot.

Thurman’s inactivity since getting a taste of good money back in 2017 has hurt his game, and it’s not a good thing that he’s fought just three times in the last five years. Although Thurman blames much of his inactivity on injuries, you can’t same that he was injured for the last five years.

“It’s going to happen,” said Tim Bradley to K.O. Artist Sports about the Errol Spence Jr vs. Terence Crawford fight.  “These guys right now, it’s business. They fought the guys they needed to face, the champions.

“It’s business, and if the business isn’t right, the fight can’t happen. I do believe they need each other. Both of these guys need each other, and when the fight does happen, I’m going to be right there.

“I want to see this fight first hand. I’m going to be right there on site. So, fans, stay tuned. There’s a lot more boxing to look at. Don’t think about the fight; let it be, and when it plays out, be ready.

“Of course, it’s a good fight,” said Bradley about the WBC-ordered Spence vs. Keith Thurman fight. “Thurman still has some relevancy in the sport, and Thurman has got power. He can box and still has good feet.

“I just think it’s a bad style match-up for him. You’ve got a guy that’s relentless like Spence, and Spence’s specialty is the body. That’s Thurman’s weakness. We’ve seen Thurman get hurt to the body several times.

“He was hurt by a 140-pounder [Mario Barrios] his last time out. He was hurt to the body by Barrios. What do you think Spence is going to do? He’s going downstairs. He’s going to test that kitchen. He’s going to get some work.

“It’s a tough style match-up, but I do think that he stops Keith Thurman. I don’t know which round, but I’m telling you right now, he’s going to stop him. That pressure is too relentless. Yeah, that would definitely be a statement.

“It’s timing. I think Thurman is the right time for him now for Spence. He’s [Thurman] looking for that big payday, that big challenge. He gets to challenge for three straps. It’s a huge opportunity for him.

“He has everything to gain, and he can get paid in the process, too,” Bradley continued about Thurman. “If he doesn’t win the fight, I think he retires afterward. I don’t think there’s any reason for him to continue to fight.

“He’s right at the door, bro. He’s definitely right at the door, and it’s up to Spence to push him on out. Yeah, it’s a new crop of welterweights coming up, younger and faster. You’re not as fast as you once were.

“You’re reflexes are starting to go by the wayside a little bit. You’re starting to get hit a little bit more. Those punches start feeling different when you get hit on the chin. That don’t feel the same.

“These guys are young coming up, and they can fight. I’m telling you, [Jaron ‘Boots’] Ennis is a problem. [Vergil] Ortiz is a problem. I ain’t even messing with [Conor] Benn being on that juice. He needs to leave that juice alone.

“What the hell is wrong with you? You ain’t learned yet? Come on, son. Leave that alone, bro. You don’t need that. Sit that down. You need to stop hanging around those people in the gym. Persuading you to do some stupid stuff like that,” said Bradley about Conor Benn.

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