Eddie Hearn wants Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia

By Charles Brun: Eddie Hearn is dialed into putting together a fight between Devin Haney and the unbeaten lightweight Ryan Garcia as soon as the coronavirus is a thing of the past.

Hearn feels that he can make the Haney vs. Garcia fight fairly easy because both guys fight on the same streaming service with DAZN, and Golden Boy Promotions is someone that he does business with.

It should be a fight that would be easy to make, but Golden Boy may choose to go in another direction with Ryan.

Devin wants to win back his WBC title

Haney (24-0, 15 KOs) is interested in fighting Ryan (20-0, 17 KOs), but he also wants to win back his WBC lightweight belt that was stripped from him by the World Boxing Council. Well, technically, Haney wasn’t stripped of his WBC 135-lb title.

The WBC gave Haney the ‘Champion in Recess tag after he suffered a shoulder injury in his last defense of his title against Alfredo Santiago on November 9. They wanted Haney to defend against his WBC mandatory Javier Fortuna, but his shoulder injury from the Santiago fight needed surgery.

Haney says he’s not even thinking about moving up to 140 like he’d talked about. He wants to win back his lost WBC lightweight title.

Rather than the WBC letting Haney heal up and defend their belt later, they gave him the ‘Champion in Recess tag and ordered Fortuna to face Luke Campbell for the vacant title. Campbell and Fortuna still haven’t fought. They were supposed to fight on April 17, but the coronavirus wrecked those plans.

Hearn ready to make Haney vs. Ryan Garcia fight

“When do you think, you obviously plan on fighting around July time, Corona pending. We hope to be in action then,” said Eddie Hearn, the promoter for Haney on Instagram. “All these guys, you literally line them up and get them ready. Let’s talk about the Ryan Garcia fight as well.

“For me, when you talk about the politics of boxing, that’s a fight, same broadcasters, Golden Boy, we work with as well. In reality, we should be able to make [the Ryan Garcia fight]. At the same time, it’s still very early for you to in your careers to be jumping into a fight like that. You’re ready, right?” said Hearn.

“I’ve never met anyone so you that doesn’t really have to take those career-defining fights right now like you. You want those fights. It’s easy to call those guys out. I know plenty of trainers and managers who will be calling guys out but really behind closed doors, it’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah, we’ll have a couple of more fights,'” said Hearn.

Golden Boy Promotions has other ideas for Ryan Garcia with them hoping to put together a fight between him and Jorge Linares. When boxing resumes, Golden Boy likely put together a fight between Garcia and Linares.

After that, Ryan would like to fight the winner of the Campbell vs. Fortuna fight if possible for the WBC title. There’s a good chance that Haney will get the first crack at the Campbell-Fortuna winner.

Image: Eddie Hearn wants Devin Haney vs. Ryan Garcia

Haney on his way to superstardom predicts Hearn

“I think you are the real deal, and when you land those big fights, it’s just going to spiral out of control to superstardom,” said Hearn to Haney. “That’s what you want, right? You want the finer things in life, right, Devin?

“Where is that line drawn between being that guy showing off stacks of hundreds and Lamborghinis and Villas,” Hearn said to Haney. “Sometimes I see you post stuff, and I’m like quite flashy.

“I know you and how hard you work, and how you started your career in Mexico in literally dead-end venues with your dad going out and hustling for slots.

“For me, I want you to be a role model. I think you’re one of those guys, one of the few guys in America that can be a role model to future generations and to the kids as well.

“Look at the lightweight division. We’ve got Javier Fortuna against Luke Campbell. You want to be reinstated as WBC lightweight champion as well. In time, we know your aspirations are to be a multi-division world champ.

“How far can we go? I think you’re a great ambassador to sports. I want that Ryan Garcia fight,” said Hearn.

It’s going to take more than matching Haney against guys like Santigo for him to become a star. Haney needs to show that he can beat the elite level lightweights. He hasn’t done that yet.

Haney wants Loma, Tank, Garcia, Campbell for Fortuna

“I think my shoulder is even better than before I injured it, so I’m excited,” said Devin Haney to Eddie Hearn Live on Instagram. “There are so many big fights out there that can be made. Teofimo, Lomachenko, Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia, Luke Campbell, Javier Fortuna.

“We need to start making those fights now because eventually guys like me, Teofimo, and Ryan Garcia, we’re eventually going to move up. So the perfect time is now,” said Haney.

Out of all the names that Hearn mentioned, Campbell or Fortuna are the ones that have the best chance of fighting Haney. The winner won’t have a choice but to fight Haney, who will be able to use his ‘Champion in Recess’ tag to get a quick title shot.

Vasily Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez are both with Top Rank and they probably won’t want to make a fight between the winner of that match and Ryan Garcia. Lomachenko wants to fight Tank Davis, but if he can’t get that fight, he’ll move back down to super featherweight after the faces Teofimo Lopez.

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