Ryan Garcia – ‘I will HURT Amir Khan’

By Aragon Garcia: ‘Kingry’ Ryan Garcia (20-0, 17 KOs) says Amir Khan is “delusional”, and doesn’t know what he’s talking about in talking about his game. On Monday, Khan said Ryan is “robotic” and fights like “Klitschko,” and

Khan further said that Ryan should stop “trying to be something that he’s not.” From Ryan’s perspective, he’s not. He also said that the 21-year-old Garcia is trying to be “quicker than he is.” What Khan means by that is he believes Garcia is going all out to throw with speed and leaving himself open.

On top of all that, Khan also said that Ryan isn’t a “world-class” level fighter. That comment sounds like Khan is coming out of left field. He should know about the fighters Ryan has beaten and his high ranking with the governing bodies at 135.

Ryan doesn’t view Khan’s opinions on him as being helpful, friendly advice, that is meant to improve him. At this point, Ryan wants Khan to spar with him because he believes he’ll mess him up. Ryan doesn’t care if Khan comes into the sparring session at 160 lbs. He’ll still HURT him.

Khan is delusional – Ryan

“I don’t know how to put this in a nice way. I’m going to try and be as nice as I can to Amir just because he seems like a nice guy,” said Ryan Garcia to Fighthype. “He’s literally as delusional. He doesn’t know s***. Thank about it right now. He had the same type of hand speed as me.

“What he didn’t have is the brain. He wasn’t smart. When he fought, he was dumb as s***. He only relied on his speed. I got speed and power. I got two things. And I’ve all the other aspects of boxing. He didn’t realize his full potential, and he’s trying to act like something he’s not. First of all, you don’t know who the f***I am.

“I might be a pretty boy and whatnot, but if people get disrespectful, I’m going to get disrespectful. The difference between me and everybody else, I don’t have to act like Oscar De La Hoya. They’re comparing me. I’m not comparing myself. I don’t say I want to be Oscar,” said Garcia.

In his prime, Khan had hand speed that was similar to what we’re seeing with Ryan right now. Although the 33-year-old Khan has lost some speed due to aging, he’s still quicker the majority of the welterweights.

Ryan fights a lot smarter than Khan, and that’s one reason why he’s never been hurt in a fight. Khan has a bad habit he learned from his amateur career of running forward and throwing combinations. That style has led to Khan being knocked out by Canelo Alvarez, Briedis Prescott, and Danny Garcia.

With Ryan, he boxes smart and uses his left hook counter as his weapon of choice in his fights. That punch has led to Ryan scoring three consecutive early knockouts over Francisco Fonseca, Romero Duno, and Jose Lopez.

Image: Ryan Garcia - 'I will HURT Amir Khan'

King Ryan: Khan talks like he knows me

“That’s the problem with Gervonta and the problem with all these cats,” said Garcia. “‘Oh, I want to be like Floyd and be like Pretty Boy.’ First of all, be yourself, Gervonta Davis. I am Ryan Garcia. We are the new generation. Stop trying to hold onto the past. Somebody has to pass them up, remember that.

“Somebody has to pass Floyd, somebody has to pass Manny Pacquiao. But like I said, I paid my respects to everybody. They did a great job. This is a new generation and a changing of the guards. I’m really coming into my own. I came into my body, and I’m looking ferocious. I wouldn’t be talking the s*** that I’m talking if I wasn’t as good as I know I am.

“You don’t know me so don’t try and act like you know me,” said Ryan Garcia in talking about the message that he has for Khan. “Don’t talk like you’re my friend, that you’re my homeboy, and you know my skills and everything about me. You know the type of person. He talked about me like he knew the person I am,” said Garcia.

Khan is the type of person who feels free to criticize different fighters openly if he sees a flaw in their game. It’s not just Ryan that Khan has criticized in the past. He’s talked about a lot of different fighters, but he’s not mean-spirited about it. You can tell that Khan wants to help, but his comments are sometimes about things that can’t be changed in a fighter.

Khan doesn’t know who I am – Ryan Garcia

“He was like, ‘Oh, Ryan is acting like something he’s not,” said Ryan. “Who are you? You don’t know who I am. In the ring, it shows who you truly are, so come spar me. We can do it low key. Get back on the interview, you better tell them what it is. I will f*** up Amir Khan.

“I don’t give a f***. He can come in at 160, and he will not f*** with me. He will not f*** with me. I don’t give a f***. I will hurt Amir Khan.

“Amir Khan was a p**** when he fought Crawford. Straight up. You quit. What is that? Every time he has a fight, he quits. Brieidis Prescott, he f***up,” said Ryan in talking about Khan getting stopped in the first round by Prescott.

“Like I said, he [Khan] got so high on his abilities, and I did too but I got humbled at a young age. I got humbled at 18, 19. I had two hard fights,” said Garcia.

Ryan doesn’t like Khan talking about him obviously, and he feels he doesn’t have room to be giving free advice about his career. Some of the stuff that Khan said about Ryan are things that you can imagine trainers having told him during his career.

Khan does have something in common with Ryan as far as his hand speed goes. So whatever advice that Khan is giving Ryan, these are things that were likely told to him over the years by his different trainers.

Image: Ryan Garcia - 'I will HURT Amir Khan'

Ryan has 50 pages of notes on boxing

“It was a lot of distractions on the outside of the ring, and I thought I was so good that I could just go in there, ‘I don’t give a f*** and just obliterate these dudes,'” said Garcia. “But then it was for a reason. ‘You cannot do that all the time.

“And you need to train everyday like its some big fight, and you need to work on your skills and work on the game plan,” said Garcia. “You need to work on a plan, and take this seriously.’ Once he told me that, I felt like the sky’s the limit. I’m never going to stop learning. I write things down. I got a whole book on how to box.

“You got to strategize your time, you know? I’m working on a lot of things, but my main thing is boxing. I think I wrote a good 50 pages on boxing, and what I have learned with my experiences. How to make a world champion and a superstar.

“There’s a difference between champion and superstar. There’s a big difference. I’m just happy to be blessed to be in my position. I think God every day. You’re really looking out for me,” said Garcia.

That is impressive that Ryan has filled a notebook on how to box. Maybe someday, Ryan can use those notes to collaborate with a ghostwriter to put a book together on boxing. What Ryan talks about on how to create a superstar, that would be really interesting to read.