Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Rematch? Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on…

1-11-4By Gerardo Granados: It was reported that the Welterweight Champion of the World Floyd Mayweather Jr. hinted a rematch possibility against Manny Pacquiao, who reportedly fought against him with a shoulder injury. But who would want it? Both Pacquiao and Mayweather fans for sure, also casual can be maneuvered without too much trouble, but will the reader be interested? Isn’t it more interesting to see rising young lions than to see a repetition of a fight that wasn’t even close?

Many fight fans were disappointed because they expected a fight of the year nominee but all they got was a superb boxing exhibition.

If they bought the media hype once will they fall for it twice? ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said that maybe a fight in Macau, China could be a good idea but to be honest a rematch can take place at the moon and the outcome won’t be any different than last one.

I asked a friend who isn’t a boxing expert but maybe he can be described as a wise casual fan who can tell when a punch is landed or not, also the kind of fight fan who is old enough to have seen Muhammad Ali fight on his prime; if he saw last Saturday “fight of the century”. His answer was direct, “I saw him win clearly, and that guy was on a different level than the other guy”. When I told him there were talks about a rematch he replied “there is no need, what for?”

Are fight fans up to stand to repeat it all over again, meaning all the drama and keyboard wars, after six years of constant media coverage on this fight, now neutral fight fans could be submitted to at least one more year of useless discussions like in the past?

It seems like this rivalry will go on forever on internet sites / forums and instead of being able to put it behind and move on to much better fights, the greedy promoters will keep on milking notes from casual fans, Floyd and Manny´s fan base.

I am tired of the subject so if the rematch is arranged I will pick Floyd Mayweather to win by unanimous Decision again; but this time age will be a big factor and Kronos might defeat both boxers. Maybe next time no one will be surprised with the outcome, perhaps next time Floyd will hurt his hand and he will be given a pass just as Manny; but for sure the ones who paid $100 notes will not hesitate to do it again.

Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on naive fight fans who believe anything they are told to be a great fight.

Floyd now knows Manny and at a rematch Pacquiao won’t be able to adjust. If Juan Manuel Marquez was able to learn old Pacman’s fighting style after their first meeting, do you think Money won’t be able to adjust since the first bell ring? Do next time the fight will be a candidate for fight of the year?

If the rematch is arranged I won’t watch it; but what about the reader, will you?

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