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broner66By James Le Blanc/@James_theGrad Back in March of this year I wrote an article explaining the inevitability of a matchup between Adrien Broner and Floyd Mayweather. This match-up immediately came to mind once Adrien Broner announced he would be entering the welterweight limit and challenging Paulie Malignaggi for his belt.

I recall seeing Max Kellerman earlier this year on the Dan Lebatard show saying that in the next 2 years Adrien “The Problem” Broner is going to be a problem match up for Floyd Mayweather although he doubts they would ever fight because they are close buds.  After watching Broner’s poor performance against Malignaggi, in which he won via split decision, and then also seeing countless interviews from Broner and Mayweather, I still believe this fight will eventually happen and here are a few reasons why.

Here is a cold hard fact: Adrien Broner and Floyd Mayweather are not brothers. This brotherhood that they speak of can hardly be seen as an authentic friendship. I see on one hand Adrien Broner a young up and coming boxer that not only admires Mayweather but attempts to immolate him in every way possible. Boxing is a business and the pressure is already on now that there is no chance for a Manny Pacqaiuo vs Floyd Mayweather match-up.

The subtle jabs have already begun between Broner and Mayweather. In one interview Broner says he does not want to be the person to hand Floyd Mayweather a loss. In another interview Floyd Mayweather is challenging young boxers to be themselves and avoid trying to be like somebody else.

The welterwieght landscape is limited with a bunch of quality opponents fighting for Top Rank on HBO. Floyd Mayweather who will now have 4 more fights on his contract with Showtime after facing Saul Alvarez will be looking for an opponent that he won’t have to piggy back in PPV numbers. I look at possible opponents like Devon Alexander, Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia, Lucas Matthyse, Amir Khan. These guys have to get passed quality opposition to get in there with the likes of Mayweather and with them fighting each other it will only be the winner that gets the big prize.

Now Adrien Broner does have to get passed Marcos Maidana which will be no easy task for him. Maidana hits hard and if this fight happens Adrien Broner will be facing his best and probably only respected opponent.  Judging from his last fight at Welterweight I can’t call this a sure win for Broner. If he were smart and really did not want to fight Mayweather, he would have went back to 135 and defended his belt but all signs, including Adrien Broners twitter rants, point to him fighting Maidana next.

The only big name for Floyd Mayweather after he faces Saul Alvarez is Adrien Broner or the winner of the Danny Garcia vs Lucas Matthysse fight. From there it appears Keith Thurman, who I think is a quality opponent that will present the biggest challenge to Mayweather than anyone else has since Mayweather fought Zab Judah in 2006, will have to fight a few more fights to get more recognition.  As I said in my first article earlier this year, with no promotional feuds preventing this matchup from happening and with a  demand for this fight already beginning to rise all it will take now is for Oscar De La Hoya to whisper in Adrien Broners ear, “You can take him,” for this fight to eventually come to pass. My moneys on Mayweather.

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