Danny Green V Shane Cameron round by round

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By Eugene Carnachan, live Hisense Arena, Melbourne: It’s a packed house, estimates of in excess of 7000 people have filled out Hisense Arena, very much in keeping with Melbourne’s reputation as the city that loves their sport.

Here comes Shane Cameron and his trainer, he looks confident, very up for the fight, bouncing on his toes to the tune of Kenny Rogers song ‘The Gambler’.

Cameron’s in the ring holding his fists aloft in acknowledging his supporters.

Danny Green comes out with his entourage, fist held aloft, crowd goes wild when Greens pre-fight anthem ‘Men at Work’ rings out around the stadium. Nice play with Green lights washing over the crowd.

Crowd is ballistic. It’s the Danny Green show!

Cameron looks unfazed, all business, Green himself looks like he could blow fire out of his nostrils but he’d burn his own toes.

Ring girls…are well ring girls and boy do they do justice to the designer of their dresses. Well done dress designer guy or gal.

National anthems are sung. The New Zealand National anthem is sung in both Te Reo Maori (native language of indigenous New Zealanders) and English. Australian anthem follows, rousing applause.

Job well done by both woman, now let’s get to fighting.

The stare down is a good one, hope the fight follows suit, shirts off Cameron looks the definitively bigger man now he’s hydrated slash inflated. Green slams this gloves down on Cameron’s, it go time.

Round 1:

Both men tentative, feeling each other out.

Green, surprisingly, coming forward, both men trying to feel each other out with the jab.

Cameron trying to work his way in off the jab, both men standing toe to toe, wouldn’t have thought this is the real estate Green would want to be in, but he is.

Green trying to rough house Cameron, Green too looking to work in off the jab.

Green hunting for the overhand right.

Cameron lands a good jab that caught Green coming in, Green definitely trying to time the overhand right.

Green with a good combination that probably won him the round.


Round 2:

Green coming out and fighting off the front foot. Cameron measuring but not throwing, Green comes forward with a good combination that momentarily backs Cameron up.

Cameron doubles up on the jab and comes up short with a right hand.

Cameron rabbit punching behind the head.

Cameron looking to be more assertive in this round, Cameron is trying to send a 1-2 down the middle.

Cameron is cut, pawing at the cut over his left eye. Not new territory to Cameron, he bleeds like others drink water. His team know how to deal with cuts given he’s had 3 million of them in his career.

Even round with neither man gaining ascendancy


Round 3:

Cameron still pawing at the cut, Cameron lands well doubling up on the jab. Now trying to toe step Green who tries to rough him up a bit.

Cameron clowning with his hand down by his waist, looks good but doesn’t win fights.

Cameron lands a thunderous right hand to the body.

Green fighting cagey, waiting for Cameron. Is Green trying walk him on to his shots? Looks very much his game plan.

Cameron trying to cut Green down at the body, working well off both hands to Greens mid-section.

Again, hard round to call, close round with neither man gaining a decisive advantage.


Round 4:

Green trying to walk Cameron on to his shots. Green going well with the inside rough housing.

Green jabbing really well, in fact superbly.

Cameron stalking but not throwing, he has to start. Cameron tries to shoot a right hand over the top, misses.

Both men lands right hands, Green lands another.

Both men having their moments with their jabs. Green backing Cameron up against the ropes rough housing him.

Green round, busier.


Round 5:

Green has Cameron backed up against the ropes trying to do a number on him. You wouldn’t have thought this was his space but he’s in it and the busier fighter.

Cameron misses with a looping right hand. Cameron catches Green with a well timed jab coming in.

Cameron climbing back into this round. Back to the ropes, Green trying to rough house, can he sustain this? Doing well at the moment.

Both men had their moments in this round, to close to call.


Round 6:

Green Back to roughing Cameron up. Cameron lands a sold jab on Greens chin but not sustaining enough pressure.

Cameron lands another strong jab, right hand, Cameron trying to bring heat but spasmodic.

Cameron looking to up the ante but Green backs him in to the ropes and gets the better of the exchange.

Again a very close round where both men had their moment and again to hard to differentiate.


Round 7:

Messy, neither man at their best, Cameron again lands a great jab. Green looking to back Cameron up again and rough house, and is getting the better of those exchanges.

Cameron catches Green with a left hand, Green returns in kind.

Both men fighting on the inside, both having their moments.

Danny Green biting down, taking the fight to Cameron backed up against the ropes. Cameron looking to come forward, Green, sharp, catches him on the way in.

Green round, busier.


Round 8:

Green up and ready to meet Cameron. Green bouncing on his feet like a 39 year old Spring Chicken. Cameron lands a big right hand to Greens body.

Cameron looking for a shot but not doing enough to build it, needs to be busier. Lands a big right hand to the body, landing the heavier shots in this round.

Green lands a great jab, Cameron looking o bulrush his way in without building on the fact.

Cameron landing the bigger shots may have seen him eek this round out.

Cameron 10-9

Round 9:

Sloppy opening stanza, words exchanged, both men arch up at each other like a couple of fighting roosters, but don’t fight.

Green loses his moth guard but adeptly catches it before it hits the canvass, very hygienic.

Green back to rough housing Cameron on the ropes.

Cameron walking forward but not throwing, crowd yelling ‘Green Machine’.

Green busier, more aggressive.


Round 10:

Cameron walking forward but not throwing, Green lands with a series of borderline rabbit punches.

Green trying to fight ugly by rough housing and its largely proved effective for him.

Cameron can’t get in the position to land, still body hunting, at this point he should be looking to go head hunting given he’d be well behind on the cards.

Green more aggressive, busier.


Round 11:

The go at it, Green hurts Cameron, then throws him to the ground. Cameron was shook up, looks to have cleared. Green outhustling Cameron, he now knows he can hurt the bigger man.

Cameron coming forward, Green countering well.

Green backing Cameron up against the ropes outworking him.

Cameron simply being outworked and foxed by the wily Green.

Green busier.


Round 12:

Cameron walking forward but Green flips the script and backs Cameron in to the ropes, catches Green coming in with a couple of shots, but Green straight back to hustling Cameron on the inside.

Green boxing well, catching Cameron coming in.

Green has Cameron on the ropes again, outworking him, couple of his shots are low but don’t bother Cameron.

More the same, Green hustling on the inside and catches Cameron, Cameron rocked, stumbles, looks tired, out of ideas, Green has got his skates on. It’s over, Green in a canter.

Boxing lesson delivered by Green.


Decision in, Green unanimous decision and deservedly so, fought a great contest and shook up the bigger man a number of times.

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