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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: The Official “It’s On!” Is Coming

By Frank Car: Look for the official “It’s On” to be coming today, tomorrow or very soon. There has never been much of a doubt in my mind at all that this will go through. The whole “fight is dead” plainly put, is propaganda garbage, used as a “threat tool” in the negotiations. There have been some ways which they are contemplating handling the seemingly last issue of blood tests and it’s almost there.

Pacquiao recently released his own statement saying he would still do the three blood tests, one at the beginning press conference in January, one 30 days before the bout and one directly after the bout, with random unlimited urine tests. However Bob Arum, Pacquiao’s promoter said he would let Mayweather present experts to share their opinion to the Nevada commission on a January 19th meeting with them and let them decide what is to be done. The latter sounds okay.

Arum told the L.A. Times “We’ll allow Golden Boy [Mayweathers interests] to present experts to the commission to explain why additional testing is required, and we’ll explain our position. Then we’ll let the Nevada commission decide. If Nevada says we need to do more testing, we’ll do more, but if they don’t, we won’t.

“If the commission says both fighters have to give blood as they’re walking into the ring, we’ll do it. But I want the commission saying it, not some outside group with an agenda. If they say no to this, that shows they don’t want the fight,” said Arum.

The thing with that is, the Nevada State Athletic Commission might simply say “No we don’t require additional blood tests,” simply because they, at this time, don’t. It’s not required in the rules. And Mayweather’s reasons would be to change it this time around would be because they think Pacquiao could be taking some illegal enhancements just because the way he has been winning? If they had some sort of proof or something that might hold up but without it I’m not sure where your ability to overturn a commission is. The experts might be able to provide reasons as to why blood testing is the most effective way of drug testing, and if the commission excepts this, then they should basically have to change their rules and do it every time, to everyone.

I really don’t see why Pacquiao is being troublesome on a blood test, but that is another issue. He has said it weakens him mentally, and that is possible, but as for factually physically.. not so likely, in fact impossible is more the word. However certain things to certain people can have an effect on them mentally. It would be almost the opposite of a placebo pill that is suppose to cure your ailments but really does nothing except effect you mentally in making you think you took something that will make you feel better. Pacquiao may think drawing his blood weakens him and thus could effect him. Or there are other suggestions as to why he doesn’t want to take them but once again that is another issue.

One of the more likely ways this would not go through is if the May 1st date was to open up some how. Which is currently off because Pacquiao has to begin campaigning on March 25th for the May 10th election regarding his political aspirations in the Philippines. However, that is unlikely as well.

But hey atleast if doesn’t go through we get to see, what is it? Pacquiao vs Malignaggi .. hah-hah, hah-HAH, AH HAH-HAH-HAH. Oooh. Thank you for that.

The promoters would probably sneak up to their boxers and take their blood while they were sleeping or “accidentally” cut them with their pens twice a week if it ment getting this deal done. Unless they really had something to hide which is what many will think if it doesn’t go through. Some say why should Pacquiao have to take a blood test just because Mayweather has allegedly accused him of doping, the Sr that is. Which perhaps makes a point. But Mayweather is agreeing to outlandish demands of say a 10 million dollar penalty for each pound over 147, so having to take a Olympic-style test isn’t that outlandish. A simple “Yes, I have nothing to hide” would have sufficed. Anyways that is a whole nother topic.

Once again look for the official “we’ve agreed to terms” and/or “contracts have been finalized” to be coming today, tomorrow, or later this week. There is a possibility they will wait till after New Years to give those statements but the first press conference in New York is in early January so they don’t have much time until contracts would probably need to be completely finalized. Also from January 1st, March 13th is almost exactly 10 weeks away so you’ve got to get to training as well (mid January at the latest). It doesn’t take much to figure out Mayweather vs Pacquiao will happen, nor is it fact, but I’ll put a 95 on it… make that 97.

I’d like to think they will get this done and on because it’s what the fans really want to see… but living it reality for a second, they’ll get it done for the money to be had. And there is no way they would throw away all that over some blood tests. If they do, they should draw some blood from themselves, in a dark room, involving a sharp object and their wrists.

It’s game on, have no illusions.

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