Danny Garcia : “Mayweather vs. Khan will be better than the Canelo fight”

khan#3By Mohamed Horomtallah: Undefeated champion Danny “Swift” Garcia shared his thoughts on the upcoming fight between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Amir “King” Khan (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_DkX7sQyFQ).

He said that he believes it will be more competitive and more exciting than Mayweather’s last fight against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. Danny who faced Khan in 2012 thinks that Khan’s speed, movement and work rate will challenge the pound for pound king.

Garcia should know what he’s talking about and maybe that’s why he doesn’t want a rematch with Khan because should Khan fight a little bit smarter, he knows he does not stand a chance.

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Mayweather vs. Khan is about to be announced and you’ll pay for it!

khan534By Mohamed Horomtallah: Some so-called hardcore fans have raised doubts with respect to this fight, claiming that Amir Khan (28-3, 19 KO’s) does not deserve the shot and that it would be an easy win for Floyd Mayweathe Jr. (45-0, 26 KO’s), thus not worth paying for.

Those same people go on to argue that Marcos Maidana would be a more appealing option due to Marcos “El Chino” Maidana last fight against Adrien Broner. This writer respects everybody’s opinion, however, those arguments carry no weight. Here’s why:

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Mayweather Will End Up Knocking Broner Out

broner988221By Mohamed Horomtallah: No, Floyd Mayweather Jr is not fighting Adrien Broner. At least not that I know of but he might end up knocking him out just the same. Broner is a young and very talented fighter but hanging out with Mayweather can jeopardize his career.

Broner is marketing himself as the next big thing, the next pay-per-view superstar. He talks the talk but he still has to walk the walk. Being around Mayweather is dangerous for him because he gets to see Floyd live the life of a boxing superstar, with all the toys, the money, the jets, the respect etc. He feels that this could be his life in the short term and that makes him act like he’s already arrived.

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Mayweather: The Living Mystery Of Boxing

may#00(Photo credit: Naoki Fakuda) By Mohamed Horomtallah: It has been a year since Floyd Mayweather’s last fight with Miguel Cotto and many questions were hanging in the air before his long awaited return against Robert Guerrero. Did he loose his legs? Did his incarceration make him mentally weaker? Will he be able to resist to Guerrero roughing him up and putting constant pressure on him?

Watching Guerrero walking toward the ring, I couldn’t help but remember some images from his last fight, the way he beat up Berto and how his face looked after the fight. I thought that Mayweather was in for a tough and complicated fight. Little did I know that I was so far from the truth.

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How Pacquiao vs. Marquez 5 will put huge pressure on Mayweather

floyd42By Mohamed Horomtallah: It seems that everybody has pretty much buried Manny Pacquiao after his 6th round knock out against Marquez. They say that he’s done and can no longer be the fighter he once was. They back that argument by bringing up the fact that Pacquiao  has now lost 2 fights in a row and didn’t convince in the 3rd Marquez fight. I beg to disagree.

Things should always be placed in their context and in this particular instance, one needs to analyze Paquiao’s last 3 fights and the events surrounding them.

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Looking forward to 2013

martinez7By Mohamed Horomtallah The year is almost over and it has been good to boxing. We were privileged to witness great fights filled with excitement, drama and surprises. As the year ends, the script is ready and the pieces are falling into place to give us an amazing new year of boxing.

Certain fights get  boxing fans hyped and  counting days until the first bell rings. What a joy to watch 24/7 while waiting for the weeks to go by! Here are the must see mega fights of 2013:

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 5:

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Will Pacquiao defeat become his greatest victory ever?

jinkee2By Mohamed Horomtallah: The disturbing and scary images of Manny Pacquiao motionless on the canvas are still on everybody’s mind. The brutal knocked down he suffered at the hands, or rather the perfectly timed right hand of Juan Manuel Marquez will have a big effect.

A knock out of that nature is not enjoyable because at the end of the day,  no fighter deserves to be seriously hurt. Watching Pacquiao’s wife Jinkee in tears and panicked was hard and for a few minutes, the fans in attendance and those watching around the world were worried that a great fighter might be actually dead. Those minutes seemed to last forever…

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Will Floyd Mayweather grab the opportunity to become the greatest ever

mayweather322By Mohamed H: Floyd Mayweather stands alone. No one is at his level. No one is dedicated to his craft like he is. Mayweather is a maestro that gives recitals every time he performs. He is the Pavarotti of boxing.

Watching Mayweather fight is a pure joy and a lesson. The way he adapts to his opponents style, the way he nullify them, the way he makes them look ordinary, the way he picks them apart…what’s not to like? Mayweather is the ambassador of the sweet science, the watcher, the gate keeper. That’s why he’s the biggest pay per view star. That’s why everyone wants to fight him, not only for the biggest payday of their career but to have the chance, the privilege to test themselves against greatness.

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Did Garcia really beat Khan

khan5634A great deal has been said and written about Danny Garcia beating Amir Khan. Some fans and writers believe Khan got exposed while others marvel at Garcia’s punching power. A cold analysis of that fight will reveal the following: Garcia didn’t beat Khan. Khan beat himself. Garcia was throwing that left hook of his during the first 3 rounds and wildly missing with it.

Khan was beating him up and straight out classing him big time, busting up his nose and eyes but Khan got cocky, excited, though it was done and wanted to finish him in style to get a glorious knock out. He started to go in open like nothing could hit him and Garcia threw that hail mary, eyes closed, full force desperation left hook and caught Khan.

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