Looking forward to 2013

martinez7By Mohamed Horomtallah The year is almost over and it has been good to boxing. We were privileged to witness great fights filled with excitement, drama and surprises. As the year ends, the script is ready and the pieces are falling into place to give us an amazing new year of boxing.

Certain fights get  boxing fans hyped and  counting days until the first bell rings. What a joy to watch 24/7 while waiting for the weeks to go by! Here are the must see mega fights of 2013:

Pacquiao vs. Marquez 5:

Certainly next year most anticipated and biggest fight. Did Juan Manuel Marquez get lucky or was he just the better boxer? Will Manny Pacquiao rise again or is he done? No matter how you look at it, this is the fight that no one wants to miss and I can already feel the tension that be floating when the two champions make their ring entrance. One thing is certain, both warriors will want to make a statement and I guarantee there will be a stoppage inside of ten rounds. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Mayweather vs. Canelo:

Floyd Mayweather will definitely be facing a young and strong undefeated Mexican warrior who, in addition to the big payday, will be looking to accomplish two things, take Mayweather’s “0” and become a huge pay per view star. Mayweather’s goal on the other hand will be to get a clear victory that will further cement his legacy and give him even more respect from the fans. It will be Mr young and powerful vs Doctor sweet science. It will be a great tactical  fight and a very entertaining event.

Khan vs. Garcia 2:

Without a doubt the most anticipated and exciting fight of next year and the reason is rather simple, anything can happen. Amir Khan has talent, skills and a big heart while Danny Garcia has confidence and power. The key player in this fight will be Virgil Hunter who, by then, would had a year to further transform Khan into a new boxer. He will also reply to Garcia’s dad when he starts his verbal assault. Garcia wants to prove that he can win in a convincing fashion to silence the critics that think he landed a lucky punch on Khan’s neck. Definitely edge of your seat material and maybe pay per view worthy.

Martinez vs. Chavez 2:

For eleven rounds, nobody would have bet a dime on a rematch but then round twelve happened and Sergio Martinez got knocked down. Even Though Martinez won the fight hands down, that near knock out of round twelve raised a lot of questions : What if the fight was 15 rounds? What if Julio Cesar Chavez decided to get busy earlier? What if…what if? Despite the fact that  it is obvious that Martinez is the better and most talented boxer, one can not help but wonder if the outcome would have been the same if Chavez had taken his can more seriously and if he didn’t wait until the last round to start fighting? A rematch is needed to clear all doubts.

Donaire vs. Rigondeaux:

This could be the next saga. Guillermo Rigondeaux is hungry and dreams of this fight. Nonito Donaire has been in a lot of mismatches and needs to step it up and prove he is not avoiding any fighter. This fight could be huge. Very huge.

I don’t know who said that boxing is dead but if so it must be a cat with 9 lives because from where I stand, it looks very much alive and well.

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