Will there be a rematch between Froch and Groves?

groves63By Kyle Proctor: Well wasn’t this fight full of the unexpected, George Groves (19-1, 15 KO’s) knocking down IBF/WBA super middleweight champion Carl Froch (32-2, 23 KO’s) with a right hand in the 1st round and stunning pretty much everyone who said he didn’t have a big right hand.

Groves then bullied Froch with his speed and jab up to the 7th round, when, in my opinion, Groves started tire and Froch’s superior stamina started to come in to play. Froch hurt Groves in the 9th round which caused the referee to stop the fight early. However, as Froch only wobbled Groves I think it was bad refereeing and should of been a standing count at least.

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What would happen if the Tyson Fury vs. Deontay Wilder fight happens?

fury54By Kyle Proctor: With the news that the British boxer Tyson Fury (21W-15KO-0D-0L) vs. the American boxer “The Bronze Bomber” Deontay Wilder (30W-30KO-0D-0L) could possibly happen next year, it would be a major risk for both fighters.

I see this fight been 60/40 in favor of Fury, because from what I have seen of Wilder, he holds the right hand back to get all of his punching power. If he lands this he could stop Fury, as he has been knocked down by a light puncher like Steve Cunningham. But Fury likes to wrestle his fighters and for a tall boxer he gets very close to them. I don’t see Wilder having the time to hold his right hand back and Fury could get a scrappy knockout like he did on Cunningham on Wilder.

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Predictions on Carl Froch vs. George Groves

froch672By Kyle Proctor: Potentially the biggest fight in British boxing in a long time, IBF/WBA super middleweight champion Carl Froch (31W-22KO-2L) vs The Saint George Groves (19W-15KO-0L).

The battle between experience vs youth, Carl Froch has definitely got more experience in the ring plus more stamina, and a better chin than the younger George Groves. However, Groves has got the advantage when it comes to agility and hand speed.

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Is Anthony Joshua going to go far in professional boxing?

joshua45By Kyle Proctor: Anthony Joshua is the new upcoming superstar of British heavyweight boxing. ¬†For those of you who don’t know Anthony Joshua won a gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics. Joshua is a very clean smart boxer and you can tell by the way he fights in the ring that he has a lot of experience in the amateurs.

This benefits Joshua as he can find his distance and can lands fast jabs very easily. However, this being professional you will find people who box a lot more rougher unlike what he might of seen when he was an amateur.

The main thing for Joshua which stands out to me which looks good is his hand speed and agility for a heavyweight of his size and height. I would have to say he’s faster than David Price, Deontay Wilder, Hughie Fury and Tyson Fury.

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