Is Anthony Joshua going to go far in professional boxing?

By Kyle Proctor - 11/20/2013 - Comments

joshua45By Kyle Proctor: Anthony Joshua is the new upcoming superstar of British heavyweight boxing.  For those of you who don’t know Anthony Joshua won a gold medal at the London 2012 Olympics. Joshua is a very clean smart boxer and you can tell by the way he fights in the ring that he has a lot of experience in the amateurs.

This benefits Joshua as he can find his distance and can lands fast jabs very easily. However, this being professional you will find people who box a lot more rougher unlike what he might of seen when he was an amateur.

The main thing for Joshua which stands out to me which looks good is his hand speed and agility for a heavyweight of his size and height. I would have to say he’s faster than David Price, Deontay Wilder, Hughie Fury and Tyson Fury.

Anthony Joshua professional record stands 3 wins (3 KO’s ) 0 losses, 0 draw. From what he has shown us, I can say he has got a good jab and I can see him winning many rounds with it. However, I am not convinced that he has one punch knockout power in his right hand yet. In my opinion, he can get a TKO, but he has to land a clean 4-hit combo. All of his fights so far have ended by a TKO, so I believe by the time he reaches European level, he will have somewhere between 50 to 70% KO  percentage.

The main thing I am looking for is how good of a chin he has got, what he will do if someone can stand his punches and he gets caught  by a big shot, does he have good tactics or will he do something reckless and fight back like Amir Khan or give up like David Price. I would like to see him fight John McDermott as he has fought David Price and Tyson Fury and most people say he beat Fury the first time. So I see this as a good test and as a way to prove himself to the public by fighting someone the top rated British boxers have fought, but I would see him to be more likely to fight  Larry Olubamiwo, who has just lost in prizefighter.

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