Henry Garcia: Son Ryan Will Be “More Than Ready” for Devin Haney

By Jay McIntyre - 03/28/2024 - Comments

Henry Garcia, the father of Ryan Garcia, assures fans and the media that he’ll be “more than ready” for his fight against WBC light welterweight champion Devin Haney on April 20th.

Ryan could be using the right strategy by taking training camp and nonchalantly promoting himself without draining himself the way Haney is doing.

Having less mental and physical stress could work in Ryan’s favor because he’ll be ready for combat on April 20th. In Haney’s case, he’s sort of forced to train tooth and nail, given that he’s a true 170-pounder and is losing a lot of muscle and water weight to get down to 140.

Yeah, Devin’s a weight bully, but you have to do something if you don’t have the power to compete in the divisions.

Power Play

Papa Garcia warns that Haney will regret taking this fight after he gets a taste of Ryan’s power early on in their headliner on DAZN PPV at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Henry could be right about that, as Ryan looks as strong and fast as ever in his training clips. In contrast, Haney appears slow, weak, and musclebound.

Some believe Haney is so obsessive with his training that he’s overtrained for this contest, believing that doing more will make him perform better. It’s strange how Haney can look so muscular yet show no improvements in his punching power.

That’s worrisome because there will come a point in the future where he’ll be forced to move up in weight to 147, 154, and 160 due to his massive 170+ lb frame. Given his lack of power, it won’t end well for Haney in those weight classes.

People have wondered recently if Ryan (24-1, 20 KOs) will be prepared, as he’s not done much talking about his fight with Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) on social media or during interviews.

Instead, Ryan focuses on his social issues and chats about many things unrelated to his boxing career, and some of it sounds so wild that it has caused fans to believe that he’s detached from reality and needs hospitalization at Bellvue Mental Hospital.

A Father’s Confidence

“For those who are wondering if Ryan will be ready. I’m here to tell you. He will be more than ready,” said Henry Garcia on Instagram, letting fans know that his son Ryan Garcia will be ready for Devin Haney on April 20th.

“The one you need to worry about is Devin Haney. I keep telling you guys that once Devin feels Ryan’s power, he is going to wish he hadn’t said yes to this matchup. There’s a saying that goes like this: ‘You can run, but you can’t hide.’

“April 20th, you will see magic. Let’s Go! “