Tyson Fury’s Fighting Future: Ambition or Empty Promises?

By Daniel Mcglinchey - 02/15/2024 - Comments

Chris Algieri doubts WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s ambitious five-fight plan. He expects the 35-year-old Fury (34-0-1, 24 KOs) to finish his career after two more fights.

Those two fights will be against IBF/WBA/WBO champion Oleksandr Usyk on May 18th, and then possibly Anthony Joshua if they’re victorious in their next fights.

Algieri feels that Fury looks like a fighter who is “halfway into retirement,” and he’s been looking like that. Fury has had an easy schedule in his last three contests, facing Francis Ngannou, Dereck Chisora, and Dillian Whyte.

Those are not world-level fighters, and fighting them helped Fury disguise his age, ring-wear, and the lack of ambition that comes from being a multi-millionaire.

When you’re as rich as Fury is, it’s nearly impossible to stay dialed into a profession that requires limited distractions and pure dedication.

Algieri Casts Doubt on Fury’s Longevity

“Tyson Fury says he’s going to fight five more, and he’s far from over. He’s just getting started at 35. Well, I’m not going to hold my breath,” said boxing expert Chris Algieri to Probox TV about WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, laying out an ambitious five-fight plan.

“I’m going to say Tyson Fury fights since or twice this year and then never fights a professional boxer in the ring again. He might do some one-offs, fight some MMA fighters, some YouTubers. But in terms of being competitive at the highest level, this is the last year we’re going to see Tyson Fury in a competitive boxing ring,” said Algieri.

Malignaggi Questions Fury’s Timeline

“But he says he’s got two fights with Usyk, two fights with Joshua and Ngannou again. Who knows?” said Paulie Malignaggi about Fury. “At the rate that he’s been fighting and the schedule he keeps, that means he’ll be around until he’s 45.”

“If you just look at his track record about what’s been happening lately in terms of him fighting that often and in terms of getting up for big fights, I just don’t see it,” said Algieri. “He’s looked like a guy that is halfway into retirement in the last two years, considering how little he’s fought and the way he showed up against Ngannou.

Usyk Fight Holds the Key

“He has a lot to prove in this next fight against Usyk, and Shawn Porter questions if that fight is even going to happen. I think there’s a lot that needs to be uncovered before we can talk realistically about Tyson Fury’s future,” said Algieri.

Fury will likely get beaten soundly by Usyk and made to look all of his age and then some. However, you can’t rule out the judges in Saudi Arabia giving Fury the win just like they did in his fight against Francis Ngannou.

Usyk could end up losing a controversial decision, and Fury’s fans will justify the win by saying that Oleksandr didn’t fight aggressively enough and stand still for him to brawl or in his case, maul.

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