Keyshawn Davis: Crawford Should Keep Calling Canelo Out

By Chris Williams - 02/17/2024 - Comments

Keyshawn Davis says Canelo Alvarez is making “excuses” for why he declined to fight Terence Crawford next on May 4th by saying there’s “nothing to gain” from him.

Crawford could undermine Canelo’s excuse for not fighting him if he got up off his backside, moved up to 168, and defeated David Benavidez and orĀ  David Morrell Jr. Is that asking too much of Crawford, or does he have a sense of entitlement?

It’s a problem when you’ve got a fighter that competes three divisions below a champion, who calls out the champ and excuses to be given a chance to compete for his belt without even beating the guys waiting in line.

History Doesn’t Favor Crawford

Davis says Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) “should keep going for Canelo” to get that fight. Unfortunately, that might not be a good idea for the 36-year-old Crawford to waste his time because he’s not young, and we saw what happened with David Benavidez.

He’s wasted the last three years of his career trying to get a fight with Canelo, calling him out until he’s blue in the face, and it’s not happened.

“Everybody knew he was going to beat [Jermell] Charlo, right? Everybody knew he was going to beat Caleb Plant, right? So, it sounds like excuses to me,” said Keyshawn Davis to Fighthype, reacting to being told that Canelo Alvarez says he won’t fight Terence Crawford because he has nothing to gain from facing him because he competes three divisions below.

Canelo’s True Fear

“Canelo, you’re a hell of a fighter, bro. I just feel that was an excuse not to fight another great fighter,” Keyshawn continued about his belief that Canelo was making an excuse for why he shouldn’t have to fight Crawford for his May 4th date.

“I think Bud should keep going for Canelo. For another fight that y’all would want to see that makes a lot of sense that presents itself that makes great money for him at the back end of his career, for sure. Do it, but I think Bud should keep going for Canelo.

“Canelo is making excuses for why he don’t want to fight another great fighter. Again, I respect Canelo. I truly, truly do. A hell of a career. What I’m saying is he made up an excuse for not to fight another great fighter,” said Keyshawn.

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