Eddie Hearn Riles Up Crawford At Kickoff Press Conference

By Chris Williams - 04/24/2024 - Comments

Promoter Eddie Hearn got under the skin of Terence Crawford today at the kick-off press conference, talking about how the old champ might be biting off more than he can chew, going up to 154 to challenge Israil Madrimov for his WBA junior middleweight title on August 3rd in the main event in Los Angeles.

Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) is moving up to his fourth division late in his career, at 36, and he’s taking on Madrimov, who Hearn believes is the #1 fighter in the 154-lb division.

Crawford’s Recipe for Disaster

  • Inactivity: Just three fights since 2020. Crawford has been a part-time fighter in the last four years, and that’s a bad sign. That inactivity shows that Crawford ain’t putting much focus on his career. Could it be being a millionaire has robbed Terence of the ambition that he once had?
  • Advanced Age: Crawford ain’t young at 36. That’s old for anyone, but it’s much worse for an athlete going up against the biggest puncher in the 154-lb division. Personally, I wouldn’t be that old fighting a guy like Madrimov.
  • Weak opposition: Crawford hasn’t exactly been fighting steller opposition during his long 16-year pro career. If you look at his resume, it’s barren of names.
  • Newbie at 154: Terence has never fought at 154, and his ambition to get the money fights may be too much for him. A witch’s brew of greed and overconfidence could be Crawford’s downfall.

Hearn’s Predictions and Crawford’s Weak Comeback

Eddie Hearn: “These great fighters will only get beat when they move up too high in the division. I hope it’s at 154. He [Crawford] moves to 60, he moves to 68.”

Terence Crawford: “You’re hoping. Your heart is going to get broken again.”

Hearn: “Well, my heart’s been broken before…Hopefully, this time, we can reverse the roles. But as I said, all the respect and credit and they know it as well. This guy [Madrimov] is for real, and what [Crawford’s trainer Brian] BoMac [McIntyre] said is 100% right. At the moment, this [Madrimov] is the best 154-pounder in the world.”

I agree with some of Hearn’s comments. Crawford’s inactivity has been alarming, and his age could be a real problem. Crawford is chasing that dough and marching into what could be a massacre against Madrimov.

Crawford’s thoughts of glory and money have arguably blinded him to the power and danger Madrimov presents. August 3rd could be a nightmare in which he is exposed.

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