Sparring Video Shows Cause of Fury – Usyk Fight Postponement

By Charles Brun - 02/02/2024 - Comments

Video of the exact instant Tyson Fury suffered a cut during sparring has been released, showing that the Gyspy King was in the process of mauling when he caught an elbow on his right eye, causing a huge gash, resulting in his scheduled February 17th fight against Oleksandr Usyk being postponed.

Mauling Fury, Gashing Eye

The slow-motion video shows the bear-like Fury (34-0-1, 24 KOs) with his left arm wrapped around his sparring partner’s head while clubbing him with his free hand.

YouTube video

Fury was holding and hitting his much smaller opponent (Agron Smakici?) during the session. At that point, his nameless opponent threw an elbow, catching Fury on his eye and causing a cut. Fury was then seen walking away, dabbing at his injured eye.

Holding and Hitting, Questions Raised

In looking at this sequence, none of this would have happened if Fury wasn’t mauling his opponent.

Tyson literally had his left arm dropped around the neck of his opponent, looking like a Kodiak grizzly bear, while pounding the living daylights out of the guy with repeated clubbing right hands to the head.

It was like watching a replay of how Fury had twice subdued Deontay Wilder in their second and third fights.

If this was a dry run of how Fury was planning on fighting Usyk, it’s a good thing the injury occurred. With those kinds of tactics used by Fury, Usyk would have needed Greco Roman’s wrestling skills to peel Tyson off of him.

Fury looked like he had a vice-like hold on his sparring partner with his left arm and wasn’t going to let go until he clubbed him to the canvas with his free hand.

Usyk, as great as he is, would have had a devil of a time trying to peel Fury off of him so he could fight back.

YouTube video