Carl Weathers: Rocky & Predator Star Dies at 76

By Chris Williams - 02/02/2024 - Comments

Carl Weathers, the actor who played the Apollo Creed character in the successful Rocky movies with Sylvester Stallone, has reportedly passed away in his sleep at age 76.

Weathers did an outstanding job playing what some felt was an Ali-like character in the first Rocky movie in 1976 and was the perfect actor to help create huge interest in the picture.

The two ended up filming four Rocky movies together, making massive money. Stallone and Weathers were the perfect team for those movies, particularly the first two, which some fans believe were the best of the franchise.

With his charisma and stage presence, Weather created a lot of interest in the first Rocky movie, overshadowing the young Stallone when the two were on screen together.

From Opponent to Ally: Rising with Rocky

In the first two Rocky films, Weathers’ Apollo Creed character was the arrogant, confident, and talented adversary for Stallone’s Rocky, with two battling grueling matches that were more advanced than previous boxing movies.’

In the later Rocky movies, Creed became a friend of the Rocky character and helped him train. Having Weathers, with his larger-than-life personality, in the four movies helped make them a success.

It’s difficult to imagine the Rocky movies being what they were without Weathers taking part in them. It was like hand & glove with how Weathers worked with Stallone.

Action Hero Prowess in Predator and Beyond

After Weathers finished his final Rocky film, he teamed up with Arnold Schwarzenegger for the successful Predator movie in 1987. That was the first of several Predator movies.

Weathers would later do the notable movies Action Jackson, Happy Gilmore, and Little Nicky. It was interesting to see Weathers go from playing action movies to comedy, showing his range of acting ability.

From Gridiron to Silver Screen

The 6’5,” 220 lb Carl Weathers played football at San Diego State University before turning pro and playing for the Oakland Raiders in 1970 and the BC Lions from 1971 to 1973 in the Canadian Football League.

Weathers received a BA from San Francis State University and an MA from San Diego State.

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