Who Were Some of the Longest Unbeaten Streaks?

By Ken Hissner - 01/10/2024 - Comments

Regarding longest unbeaten win streaks, it would be easy to mention Floyd “Money” Mayweather at 50-0 and Rocky Marciano at 49-0.

The following are six boxers with the longest unbeaten streaks, not necessarily from the beginning of their careers.

At number six, we will start with Mexico’s Julio ‘J.C.’ Cesar Chavez, 107-6-2, whose streak was 90 from the beginning, including several draws from 1980-1994. He was 89-0-1.

In September 1984, Chavez won the vacant WBC Super Featherweight title, stopping Mexico’s Mario ‘Azabache’ Martinez, 33-1-2, at the Olympic Auditorium, L.A., CA and increasing his record to 44-0.

In November of 1987, Chavez won the WBA Lightweight title, stopping Edwin ‘Chapo’ Rosario, 31-2, in Las Vegas, Nevada, improving his record to 57-0.

In May of 1989, Chavez defeated Roger ‘Black Mamba’ Mayweather, 34-5, at the Great Western Forum, Inglewood, CA, improving his record to 63-0.

It wasn’t until September 1993 that Chavez’s winning record included a lone draw against WBC Welterweight title Pernell ‘Sweet Pea’ Whitaker, 32-1, at the Alamodome, San Antonio, Texas.

In January of 1994, Chavez lost for the first time to Frankie ‘The Surgeon’ Randall, 48-2-1, by split decision at the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, stopping his streak at 90. In May of 1994, in the rematch, Chavez won by TD in eight rounds ahead on two scorecards when Randall couldn’t continue.

The fifth-longest streak was by whom many considered the greatest pound-for-pound boxer ‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson, 174-19-6, out of Harlem, New York., at 91 straight from 1943-1951.

Robinson’s streak started after his first loss to Jake ‘Bronx Bull’ LaMotta, 35-2, defeating California Jackie Wilson, 47-4-2, at Madison Square Garden, New York. He was 40-0 at the time. Three weeks later, he defeated LaMotta.

In May of 1945, he was held to a draw by Jose Basora, 54-9-2. In December of 1946, Robinson, 73-1-1, won the welterweight title, defeating Tommy Bell, 39-10-3.

In February of 1949 Robinson was held to a draw for the second time to Henry Brimm, 23-9-2. In December 1951, Robinson, 129-2-2, lost to middleweight champion Randy Turpin, 40-2-1, in the UK. In the rematch two months later, he stopped Turpin at the Polo Grounds, New York, in September 1951.

The third longest streak was by Spain’s Pedro Carrasco, 105-3-2, at 93 from 1964-1971. He was 54-1-1 when he won the EBU European Lightweight title, stopping Borge Krogh, 27-0-1.

In November of 1970, he drew with Joe Tetteh, 40-18-3. He defeated Tetteh in their next fight. After winning the vacant WBC Lightweight title, defeating Mando Ramos, 31-4, in Madrid, Spain, he lost the rematch when he was 103-1-2.

The fourth longest streak was by Fred Dyer, at 94 from 1908 to 1912,

The second longest was by Packey McFarland, 106-1-6, from Chicago, Illinois, at 97 from 1905 to 1915.

The longest streak was by Hal Bagwell, at 183 from Gloucester, UK, from 1938 to 1948.

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