Boxing results: Jake Paul Delivers On Prediction

By Sal Arteaga - 12/16/2023 - Comments

Orlando, Florida – Jake Paul (8-1, 5 Kos) predicted a first round knockout, and he delivered, landing a right uppercut that sent Andre August (10-2-1, 5 Kos) to the canvas for the full ten count.

In front of an excited crowd at the Caribe Royale Orlando, Jake Paul did what many believed he could not: defeat a boxer.

Andre is a three-time golden gloves champion whose inactivity could have been the reason he was chosen for this fight, but nonetheless has the skill to be categorized as a boxer.

Jake is set to announce his next opponent in the upcoming weeks. Nakisa Bidarian, co-owner of Most Valuable Promotions, stated at the post-fight press conference that UFC fighters are not presently allowed to fight Jake Paul, possibly hinting at a fight with another potential boxer.

“I think this was the best one, calling it the entire week, not getting hit one time in the fight and setting him up for that,” said Jake Paul at the post-fight press conference, reflecting on his win over August.

“He kept on ducking low, ducking low, and I was, ‘Okay, I’m going to throw the uppercut, but I got to make sure he keeps ducking low, assess him, set him up for it, and finished him.’ I threw that thing hard.

“I was in my backyard, and I was like, ‘It’s Christmas. Let’s start playing the Christmas hits.’ That first song came on, and I was like, ‘This is what I’m walking out to,’ and everyone was like, ‘Yeah,'” said Jake Paul on the Home Alone Christmas music that he used for his walkout tunes for his fight with August.

“The whole crowd was going crazy; my family was there. I don’t even know. Is that where that dance was from? Because it just came out of me” said Paul about the Home Alone dance that he did. “I didn’t plan that.

“If I was walking on water in front of everybody’s eyes, they’d say I couldn’t swim. You take this path, you’re at the top of the sport, and you got there in three and a half years. The jealous and hateful people are going to criticize and critique anything they can and rip me down.

“What they don’t know is it’s just making me bigger, stronger, and just making me more motivated to go ahead and become world champion. I’m one step closer,” said Jake.

Main card results:

Jake Paul lands a right uppercut that earns him the victory over Andre August in the first round. Franchon Crews Dezurn defeated Shadasia Green via unanimous decision (98-92, 97-93, 97-93).

Yoeniz Tellez scored a spectacular knockout in the 10th round to defeat Livan Navarro. Lorenzo Medina defeated Joshua Temple via a technical knockout in the 6th round.
Preliminary matches:

Zachary Randolph defeated Michael Manna by unanimous decision (60-54, 57-57, 58-56). Alexander Gueche defeated Clayton Ward via technical knockout in the third round.

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