Highlights: Jake Paul Knocks Out Andre August (Video)

By Vince DWriter - 12/16/2023 - Comments

On Saturday night December 15th, at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida, live on DAZN, the Jake Paul experience had a more traditional look as Paul in his new role as a boxing prospect knocked out Andre August (10-2-1, 5 KOs) in the first round.

Jake Paul is a YouTuber who transitioned to the field of boxing, and he’s been heavily criticized during the course of his career due to his choice of opponents. Paul is known for defeating a retired NBA player and over the hill MMA fighters, but on Saturday night he beat an opponent who has a traditional boxing background.

YouTube video

Jake Paul and his team took a deep dive into the boxing prospect catalog and they were able to find the Houston, Texas based boxer Andre August. When the fight announcement was made most boxing fans posed the question, who is Andre August?

An unknown to 99.9 % of boxing fans, Andre August entered the contest as a man who boxed as an amateur, and he also had twelve pro fights under his belt. On paper, Andre August gives the appearance of a legitimate boxing prospect, but looks can be deceiving.

Jake Paul took a risk, but it was a calculated risk due to the fact that Andre August is not a prospect, he’s more of a club fighter. As an amateur August only had 25 fights, and his 10 pro wins came against opponents who have a combined record of (34-65-5).

Coming into his December 15th bout against Jake Paul, Andre August had one loss and that loss came by way of knockout. Eric Abraham, the man who knocked out Andre August currently has a record of (7-16, 3 KOs) and he’s been knocked out a total of 13 times.

When you peel back the layers, it’s easy to see that Andre August was a huge underdog. During the promotion of the fight they tried to build it up by saying August has more experience, more wins, and more knockouts then Paul.

On fight night Andre August walked to the ring like a man who was suffering from a severe case of stage fright. On the other hand, Jake “The Problem Child” Paul felt very comfortable under the bright lights, as he did his ring walk to Christmas music.

Paul started the bout bouncing on his toes throwing the jab and the right to the body. A timid looking Andre August finally showed signs of life at the midway point of the first round when he landed a solid right hand shot.

Paul continued to utilize his jab as he circled around his opponent. With 40 seconds left to go in the opening round, Jake Paul knocked out Andre August when he landed a vicious uppercut. As August fell to the canvas, Paul looked down at him and waved goodbye.

With the victory, Jake Paul (8-1, 5 KOs) has officially kicked off his campaign as a boxing prospect. During his post-fight interview, Paul says he has an announcement coming next week as he continues his quest to go from the Disney Channel to becoming a world boxing champion.