Joshua vs. Wallin, Wilder vs. Parker Tonight: Start Time, TV Schedule, Ring Walks

By Tom Galm - 12/23/2023 - Comments

The fight card is available to watch from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia LIVE on DAZN & TNT Sports Box Office for £19.99 in the UK

Riyadh’s gearing up for a fight night like no other – the ‘Day of Reckoning’ on December 23 at Kingdom Arena. is  a who’s who of boxing’s heaviest hitters! You can now purchase tickets here.

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Deontay Wilder  is hollering loud and clear that he’s about to turn Joseph Parker’s backside into a punching bag this Saturday in the ring-titled ‘Day of Reckoning’ extravaganza.

Wilder, itching to snatch back the WBC crown he dropped in Tyson Fury’s lap three years ago, believes he’s now a seasoned warrior, tempered in the fires of past battles. Fury, the lean, mean, wrestling machine, once turned Wilder into a stationary target, dishing out rabbit punches like they were going out of style.

Sporting a record of 43 wins (42 by knockout!), 2 losses, and 1 draw, Wilder proclaims he’s as “fresh & rejuvenated” as a spring daisy in Saudi Arabia. He’s been hammering away in sparring, throwing leather anywhere from 23 to 35 rounds, all for a twelve-round dance with Parker (33-3, 23 KOs).

Some might cheekily suggest that Deontay, after only clocking one round in the ring in the last two years since his 2021 tango with Fury, should indeed be as fresh as a newly minted coin. Wilder, 38, has had ample time to put his feet up and give his battle-worn body a well-deserved breather.

But make no mistake, this fight with Parker isn’t just for kicks; it’s a stepping stone. Wilder needs this win to potentially set the stage for a blockbuster showdown with Anthony Joshua on March 9th in, you guessed it, Saudi Arabia. Joshua (26-3, 23 KOs), not one to miss out on the fun, will be grappling with Otto Wallin in the twelve-round main event this Saturday.

If Joshua and Wilder both emerge victorious, they’re set to collide in March, where the prize isn’t just glory, but a fat paycheck too. The real brain-teaser is figuring out which of these two giants has a tougher mountain to climb this Saturday, as both are squaring off against some seriously tough cookies.

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Anthony Joshua, the two-time king of the heavyweight world, is squaring up against Otto Wallin. They’re both itching for a crack at the world title. And let’s not forget Filip Hrgovic and Mark De Mori, ready to turn up the heat in another heavyweight clash.

Anthony Joshua: “Big shoutout to the crowd for showing up. Really warms my heart, folks. Here’s the lowdown: I’m geared up to bring the thunder. What more is there to jab about? I’m here to dish out a masterclass.

“I’m not here to mingle or get lost in the razzle-dazzle. My game is fighting, not partying. You bet I’m coiled up like a spring, all because I’m itching to dazzle you all. I’m not just looking to win; I’m looking to make my opponent wish he’d stayed in bed.

“My mind’s laser-focused on Saturday. I’m like a walking, talking fighting machine, all systems go for Otto Wallin. I’m about to show what I’m made of.

“Third rumble in Saudi Arabia – talk about a grand stage! Hats off to the Kingdom for rolling out the red carpet. They’re cooking up something massive here, and I’m all in. Last man standing gets a seat at this grand table. The dream’s big, and I’m living it.”

Otto Wallin: “Sure, I’m jittery, but let’s throw some love to Saudi Arabia and Frank Warren for setting this up. It’s a mammoth fight, a colossal chance, but hey, I’m primed for it. Been grinding away, and now it’s time to bask in the glory and snatch that win. Upset? Nah, just the new order of things. This is my hour to shine, and shine I shall.

“Just being me, folks. If I seem chatty, it’s because the questions keep coming, and I’m dishing out raw, unfiltered Otto. Take it or leave it.

“I’m that southpaw who brings the unexpected, a real contender. This fight might have come up quick, and yeah, Joshua’s got a new coach in his corner. Seems to me he’s gone from Mr. Sunshine to Mr. Stiff. Maybe he’s just had enough of the circus.”

Dmitrii Bivol, the WBA World light heavyweight champ, is defending his title for the 11th time against Lyndon Arthur. And Jai Opetaia, the big dog of the IBF World cruiserweight division, is going toe-to-toe with Ellis Zorro in his second title defense.

Back in the heavyweight scene, Arslanbek Makhmudov is gearing up to rumble with European champ Agit Kabayel. Daniel Dubois, hungry to shine again, is set for a colossal showdown with Jarrell Miller. And Frank Sanchez? He’s eyeing a world title if he can take down Junior Fa in Riyadh.

Turki Alalshikh himself said it’s the fight night of the year – a groundbreaking bash bringing together world-class champions. He’s proud Riyadh’s the go-to spot for such top-drawer events.

Frank Warren, Queensberry’s head honcho, can’t believe the lineup they’ve pulled off. He’s tipping his hat to Alalshikh for giving boxing this historic chance to strut its stuff on the global stage. He says it’s a first – this much talent on one card. Fans flying to Saudi Arabia are in for a treat with all the champions and Riyadh Season’s killer events.

Spencer Brown from Goldstar is excited. Working with Alalshikh, the Warrens, Tyson Fury, and a bunch of global promoters and managers has been a blast. He’s calling December 23 in Riyadh an unmatched gift for boxing fans worldwide.

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Eddie Hearn, the bigwig at Matchroom Sport, is psyched to be back in Saudi Arabia. He’s thanking Alalshikh for this golden chance. Anthony Joshua, the man who needs no intro, is gunning to be a three-time world heavyweight champion. Hearn’s betting on AJ to dazzle again against Otto Wallin. Dmitry Bivol and Jai Opateia are set to flaunt their top-notch skills on this major stage. Hearn’s eager for more mega fights in the Kingdom. He’s convinced Bivol will prove once again why he’s a pound-for-pound legend when he faces Lyndon Arthur. And Opetaia? Hearn’s expecting him to put on a show-stopping, explosive performance against Ellis Zorro. He says it’s a must-see extravaganza for fight fans everywhere.

Full Card:

🥊 Anthony Joshua vs Otto Wallin
🥊 Deontay Wilder vs Joseph Parker
🥊 Daniel Dubois vs Jarrell Miller
🥊 Dmitry Bivol vs Lyndon Arthur
🥊 Jai Opetaia vs Ellis Zorro
🥊 Frank Sanchez vs Junior Fa
🥊 Filip Hrgovic vs Mark De Mori
🥊 Arslanbek Makhmudov vs Agit Kabayel

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