Yafai vs Frank: Date, Start Time & Undercard Info

The Yafai-Frank showdown is scheduled for Saturday, August 19. The event will kick off at 7 p.m. BST (2 p.m. ET), with the main event’s ringwalks anticipated around 10 p.m. BST (5 p.m. ET). This much-anticipated bout is set to electrify the Utilita Arena in Birmingham, England. For fans worldwide, the event will be accessible live on DAZN, streaming in over 200 nations.

Excitement filled the air as media representatives, passionate fans, and boxing experts assembled for the press briefing in the lead-up to the gNXTGEN event this Saturday. The iconic Utilita Arena is primed to host this grand spectacle, headlined by the keenly awaited fight for the WBC International Flyweight Title.


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Representing the heart of Birmingham, Olympic Gold Medalist, Galal Yafai is set to square off against the tenacious talent from Sheffield, Tommy Frank.

Galal Yafai (Defending his WBC International Flyweight Title, 4-0, 3 KOs):

“Thank you all for being here. Even though I often train in Sheffield and travel a lot, Birmingham will always be home. It’s been a decade since I last stepped into the ring here, and I’m thrilled to showcase my skills on Saturday. My journey has taken me around the globe, from Russians to Kazakhs, and those fierce bouts with Mexicans. As for Tommy Frank, I’ve been familiar with him for some time now. I respect his skills, but I can’t help feeling he might be underestimating my capabilities in the professional arena. Some murmurings suggest I’m just a good amateur, but Saturday will be the judge of that. While I acknowledge the experience of seasoned fighters with almost two dozen fights under their belts, I believe in my quality and talent. Can Tommy challenge and bring out the best in me? We´ll see. Facing pressure is part and parcel for athletes at this level. But for Tommy, perhaps the stakes aren’t as high; after all, many expect him to be the underdog. But remember, pressure forges diamonds.”

Tommy Frank (Challenging Galal Yafai for the WBC International Flyweight Title, 15-3-1, 3 KOs):

“This is more than just a fight; it’s a monumental opportunity for me. Saturday night has the potential to be a game-changer in my life. Galal’s achievements speak volumes. He’s an Olympic gold medallist and clinched the WBC International Title in his debut fight. With a legacy rooted in boxing, he brings to the ring an undeniable pedigree. While I can’t predict whether he’ll be the toughest opponent I’ve faced, he’s certainly the most skilled and seasoned. I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason. Even after a setback, this golden chance was presented to me, and it feels like destiny. Eddie, I hope this is just the beginning, and I get more chances to shine on stages like this.”

Eddie Hearn, Matchroom Sport Chairman:

We’re back in Birmingham, gearing up for a monumental NXTGEN event. These events? They’re the heartbeat of British boxing’s future. We’re cultivating stars that’ll shine not just here but across the globe. Hard to believe it’s been half a decade since we watched Amir Khan square off against Samuel Vargas in this very city. Time flies. Now, the spotlight’s on the rising talents, the next wave poised to redefine our sport.

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When I think of Matchroom’s legacy, names like Anthony Joshua, Tony Bellew, and Carl Froch spring to mind. Speaking of legacy, let’s give a nod to Darren Barker. It’s been ten years since he clinched that IBF Middleweight World Title. He’s always been humble about it, but today, we celebrate. Now, turning to this weekend, our young champs-in-the-making will be lighting up the stage on DAZN. One name to keep an ear out for? Galal Yafai. He’s not just another promising fighter; he’s Birmingham’s pride, ready to step into the big leagues. Alongside him, we’ve got thrilling matchups like Cyrus Pattinson taking on Conah Walker. And I’ve got a feeling Sol Dacres is about to surprise us all in the heavyweight category. Gear up, folks, we’re in for a thrilling ride!”

Cyrus Pattinson (6-0, 4 KOs, defending his WBA International Welterweight Title against Conah Walker):

“Let me set the record straight: my sole focus is on Saturday night. Every interview, every conversation I’ve had, points to this bout. The Jenkins fight? We had a plan, and we stuck to it. With Conah favoring a similar style, I’m gearing up for an electrifying matchup. I’ve trained for this bout as if I’m still chasing the title. And after Saturday, when I’ve defended it, that’s when I’ll take a moment to look back. Conah’s not just another opponent; he’s skilled, he’s smart, and he never backs down. His amateur experience often gets overlooked, but I see it. I have immense respect for him and I’m well aware of the challenge he poses.”

Solomon Dacres (6-0, 2 KOs, going head-to-head with Chris Thompson in a ten-round Heavyweight bout):

“I genuinely feel I’m prepared to compete at any level. My experience isn’t limited to the ring; I’ve sparred with some of the finest World Champions and have traveled extensively as a member of the GB Squad during my amateur days. My goal? Simple: I’m here to fight and claim titles. No interest in inflating my stats artificially. When the opportunity arose with Dillian Whyte last week, without hesitation, we threw our name into the mix. We’re all about seizing opportunities and constantly enhancing our game. How I approach a fight? I gauge my opponent’s moves. Like with Ismay, he was aggressive, which allowed me to find and exploit his weaknesses. Hoping for a lively challenge from Chris. My strategy? To methodically break him down and shine in the ring.”

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  • Galal Yafai vs. Tommy Frank; For the WBC International flyweight title
  • Cyrus Pattinson vs. Conah Walker; Welterweight
  • Jordan Flynn vs. Kane Baker; Super-featherweight
  • Sol Dacres vs. Chris Thompson; Heavyweight
  • Aaron Bowen vs. Wilmer Baron; Middleweight
  • Khaleel Majid vs. Alessandro Fersula; Super-lightweight
  • Ibraheem Sulaimaan vs. Michel Gonxhe; Lightweight
  • Sahil Khan vs. Sean Jackson; Bantamweight
  • Muhammad Ali vs. Francisco Rodriguez; Super-bantamweight