Jermell Charlo says negotiations with Crawford can’t take forever

By Allan Fox: Jermell Charlo says he’s willing to fight Terence Crawford if he comes up to his weight class wherever he’s fighting, but he won’t stay in talks with him for an extended period like Errol Spence Jr did, using up an entire year negotiating a deal.

If Crawford tries that, Jermell says he’ll move on, which is what Errol should have done rather than being dragged into old age trying to hammer out a deal with the unyielding Terence.

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Spence foolishly wasted a year of his career negotiating a fight with Crawford and even had him disappear at one point to take a tune-up against David Avanesyan. When that happened, Spence should have given up.

If Spence had two or three times during the year, he would have made more money than what he got fighting Crawford, and h wouldn’t have been ring rusty.

Jermell isn’t going to let Crawford drag him into a year of negotiations without washing his hands of him and moving on to bigger & better things, like a rematch with Canelo or fights against David Benavidez, Caaleb Planet, or Tim Tszyu.

“I’ll do everything I can for you fans to make sure that fight happens,” said Jermell Charlo to the media when asked about fighting Terence Crawford. “So, if Crawford comes up to my weight division or wherever I’m at.”

It’s easy for Jermell to say he would fight Crawford, but if he beat Canelo and gets massive money fighting him in a rematch and then David Benavidez, he won’t bother with Terence.

Why should Jermell deal with the headaches of negotiating a fight with the B-side Crawford when he can make far more money facing Canelo, Benavidez, or Caleb Plant?

“If we meet halfway and got good negotiations because I don’t got time to be playing them games that he did with Errol taking forever and real long. I ain’t hip for that.

Assuming Jermell beats Canelo Alvarez on September 30th and then in a rematch, a fight with Crawford will never happen because the Omaha, Nebraska native would insist on a 50-50 deal, and the only substantial career victory that he would have going for him was against a weight-drained, ring-rusty, car crashed wrecked Spence, and that’s just not good enough.

“I’m going to fight, and I want to keep fighting and get in. I want to present more fights for you guys, and I’m holding it down for the Charlos, right? So, I’m going to keep going,” said Jermell.

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