Gervonta Davis 135 vs. Ryan Garcia 135.5 – weigh-in results for Saturday on Showtime PPV

By Boxing News - 04/21/2023 - Comments

By Brian Webber: Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and Ryan Garcia both successfully weighed in on Friday for their 136-lb catchweight main event fight this Saturday, April 22, on DAZN & Showtime pay-per-view at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Tank looked pale & drawn and more drained than Ryan, which is interesting because he’s the one that requested the 136-lb catchweight. Ryan wanted to do the fight at 140, but Tank insisted on 136.

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Tomorrow morning, Gervonta and Ryan will need to weigh in for the 10-lb rehydration weight check. They can’t weigh more than 146 lbs without being fined.

The former three-division world champion Davis (28-0, 26 KOs) weighed in at 135 lbs, and Garcia (23-0, 19  KOs) at 135.5 lbs.

During the face-off, Gervonta shoved Ryan for no apparent reason after arguing with Golden Boy executive Bernard Hopkins.

It was one of those odd situations where a person displaces their anger on someone else rather than on the guy that angered them in the first place.

Given Hopkins’ size advantage over the 5’5″ Davis, it’s understandable why he didn’t try tangle with him because even at 58, Hopkins would be too much for little Gervonta.

Complete weights:

  • Gervonta Davis 135.1 vs. Ryan Garcia 135.5
  • David Morrell 167.8 vs. Yamaguchi Falcao 166.4
  • Gabriel Rosado 167.3 vs. Bektemir Melikuziev 167.3
  • Elijah Garcia 159.2 vs. Kevin Salgado 159.3
  • Fiodor Czerkaszyn 159.1 vs. Elias Espadas 158.9
  • Vito Mielnicki Jr 153.1 vs. Jose Sanchez Charles 154.3

“Ryan, when you get him very upset and whatever he says, he’s going to be looking for that,” said Henry Garcia to Fight Hub TV about Ryan Garcia being dangerous for Tank Davis on Saturday.

“So be careful. He will come after you. To be honest with you, he looks drained. I’m worried about him,” Henry said about Gervonta. “I’m worried about him because when someone looks drained like him, and you know he looks drained. He’s pale.

“When someone is pale [like Tank], you got a lack of strength, a lack of vitamins. So he must have really drained himself. He must have been weighing more than Ryan before the fight was announced.

“I’m worried because when you rehydrate, it starts from here [feet], and the last thing that gets rehydrated is the brain, and that’s why people get knocked out. Mark my words; a doctor told me that. I told Ryan, ‘You got to be on point.  You got to make sure we have everything working.

“‘You can’t get on a sauna and say, ‘I made weight. I made weight.’ No, you got to be balanced. If you look at my son, you know he looks healthy. You know he does. He’s got color, he looks handsome, he looks shiny. You look at Tank. He looks drained. That’s bad for him because the last thing that’s going to rehydrate is his brain.

“Tomorrow, he’s still going to look drained. When you have stipulations like the ones they’ve brought on my son, they’re the ones that are afraid to put their hands in the pot because of that.

“If I tell my son that he’s going to fight but the other guy has got to have a rehydration clause. We’re going to give him an enormous amount of fees if he doesn’t reach these conditions. What does that tell you? Do you think hee [Ryan] would have the same stipulations?” said Henry Garcia.

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