Muhammad Ali Talks about His Relationship with Elvis!

By Boxing News - 04/21/2023 - Comments

By Ken Hissner: “The only white boy who had soul was Elvis Presley!” Two years before Elvis Presley passed away, he visited Ali at his Deer Lake, Pennsylvania training camp, asking that it would not be announced but kept quiet by Presley.

Some of the comments Ali said about Elvis were:

“Many celebrities have done talk shows, commercials, and other things but Elvis never did any of these!”

“Elvis was the sweetest, most humble, and one of the nicest men you’d ever want to meet!” This Ali said at the funeral of Elvis in Memphis. “I felt a great loss when I heard of the death of my friend Elvis Presley.”

Per Gene Kilroy, Ali’s business manager: Ali was at an Elvis concert and asked to meet Elvis. He is taken to the dressing room of Elvis, and Elvis did his karate motions while Ali did his shadow boxing, facing one another.

At the Elvis Memorial, Ali said, “Elvis was not just a great talent, but a great person. He was one white boy that had soul. I’m black and Muslim. Elvis was white and a Christian and one of the greatest of All-Times!”

On Phil Donahue’s show, Ali said about Elvis: “If he could get out of his grave, he would fill Yankee Stadium on a day’s notice.”
“Elvis was not just great in spirit but had a great heart!”

I once did an article called “Two Kings One of Rock n’Roll and the other of the Ring!” It was pertaining to Elvis and Ali.

Elvis gave Ali a white robe with “People’s Choice on the back!” He wore it for the Joe Bugner fight when Ali first met Elvis in Las Vegas and in his next fight against Ken Norton.

They were both the greatest in their professions, Elvis in Rock’ n’Roll and Ali in boxing!

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