Boxing Results: Devin “The Dream” Haney Defeats Kambosos, Jr.!

By Ken Hissner: At the Rod Laver Arena, Victoria, Melbourne, Australia Saturday over ESPN+ and ESPN Top Rank presented in a rematch in the Main Event WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF Lightweight champ Devin “The Dream” Haney, defeated former WBA, WBO and IBF lightweight champ George “Ferocious” Kambosos, Jr.

In the Main Event WBC, WBA, WBO and IBF champ Devin “The Dream” Haney, 29-0 (15), #134.8, of Las Vegas, NV, easily defeated former WBA, WBO and IBF champ George “Ferocious” Kambosos, Jr., 20-2 (10), #134, of Sydney, New South Wales, AUST, over 12 rounds.

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In the first round Haney warned for holding by Referee Katsuhiko Nakamura. In the third round Kambosos landed a right on the chin near the end of the round getting the attention of Haney but not enough to take the round.

In the fourth and fifth rounds Haney countered Kambosos well enough to take both rounds. In the seventh round Haney cut the left eyebrow of Kambosos. From the eighth through the eleventh Haney had his way being too fast a hand and feet for Kambosos In the twelfth and final round Haney continued to outland Kambosos and then grab him and hitting on a break and showboating at the end.

Scores were 119-109, 118-110 twice as did this writer.

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WBO No. 1 ranked Jason “Mayhem” Moloney, 25-2 (19), #117.8, of Melbourne, AUST, easily defeated WBC No. 7 ranked Nawaphon “Wat” Kaihanha, 56-2-1 (46), #117.3, of Bangkok, TH, over 12 rounds, WBC Bantam World title final eliminator.

In the first round three rounds Kaihanha kept coming forward but getting countered by Moloney. In the fourth round Kaihanha finally landed some of his heavy hands getting the attention of Moloney.

In the fifth round both went to the body with Moloney landing more. In the sixth round Moloney countered well as Kaihanha was following him knowing he needs a knockout to win. His built up record hasn’t impressed anyone up to this point.

In the seventh round at the end of the first minute Moloney landed a left hook to the chin stopping Kaihanha in his tracks. Inside the final minute of the round Kaihanha landed his best punch so far a right to the chin of Moloney getting his attention. In the final minute Moloney landed a solid right uppercut to the chin of Kaihanha and continued doing it right up to the bell frustrating Kaihanha who continued to follow him around the ring.

In the ninth round Moloney continued to be too fast a foot and hand taking another round. In the tenth and eleventh rounds Moloney continued one step ahead of the plodding Kaihanha. In the twelfth and final round Moloney had the best round of the fight rocking the frustrated Kaihanha who kept walking into his right hands on the chin.

Scores were 118-110 twice and 119-109 as did have it.

Referee Malcolm Bulner

Former WBA Interim World Super Fly champ Andrew Moloney, 25-2 (16), #114.7, of Kingscliff, New South Wales, AUST, defeated Norbelto “Meneito” Jimenez, 31-10-6 (16), #114.9, of Santo Domingo, DR, over 10 rounds, for the vacant WBO Int’l Jr Bantam title.

In the first round which was close until Jimenez lost a point hitting on the break and then got knocked down by a solid jab near the end of the round for an 8-count by Referee Ignatius Missailldis. In the second round a questionable knockdown for Moloney who won the round anyway.

In the third round’s final minute a right from Moloney on the chin rocked Jimenez. Jimenz got away with hitting on the break several times though having a better round. In fifth round Jimenz continues complaining to the referee. Moloney rocked Jimenez halfway through while Jimenez landed his best punch of the night a left hook to the chin in the final minute.

In the seventh round a clash of heads caused a cut on the right cheek bone of Jimenez. In the eighth round Moloney continued out scoring Jimenez and got away with a low blow at the bell. In the ninth round an accident elbow from Moloney drew blood from the nose of Jimenez. In the tenth and final round a clash of heads drew blood from the mouth of Moloney. He continued to outwork Jimenez winning another round.

Scores were 97-90, 98-88 and 98-89 and 97-90 here.

IBF World Super Bantam champ Cherneka “Neekz” Johnson, 15-1 (6), #121, of Victoria, Melbourne, AUST, defeated former IBF champ Susie Ramadan, 29-4 (12), #119.3, of Preston, Victoria, AUST, over 10×2 rounds.

In the first round the jab of Johnson won her the round. In the second round Johnson suffered a bloody nose and cut on her left eyebrow from a clash of heads as Ramadan opened up in this round. Her cut man didn’t even wipe the blood from her face. The ring physician almost stopped the fight. In the third round it was a good one from both boxers.

In the fourth rounds final seconds Johnson landed a left to the chin knocking Ramadan down for an 8 count by Referee Ignatius Missailldis ending the round.

In the fifth round Johnson outworked Ramadan who received a second warning this time for hitting on break for the 43 year-old former champ. In the seventh round after numerous warnings the referee took a point from Ramadan for hitting behind the head. Along with the knockdown Johnson is well ahead.

In the eighth round Ramadan lost another point for hitting while in a clinch for the second time. In the ninth round it was close but Johnson continued out landing Ramadan. In the tenth and final round it was one of the best and Ramadan may have pulled it out but not the win. For Johnson to overcome the cut was courageous along with a good cut-man keeping her in the fight.

Scores were 97-90, 96-92 and 96-91 with 97-91 here.