Chris Colbert: ‘Rolly is a bum, Gervonta Davis will knock him out’

By Dan Ambrose: Highly rated super featherweight contender Chris Colbert says Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis is going to knockout Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero when the two meet in their still to be scheduled clash.

Colbert (16-0, 6 KOs) feels that #1 WBA lightweight contender Rolly (14-0, 12 KOs) is a “bum” and stands no chance of defeating WBA ‘regular’ 135-lb champion Tank Davis (26-0, 24 KOs).

Nevertheless, Rolly has the power to KO Tank if he lands one of his big shots, and if that happens, he could be transformed into a PPV star overnight.

As we saw in Gervonta’s last two fights against Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz and Leo Santa Cruz, he’s not hard to hit.

“That’s terrible. Gervonta Davis is going to knock him out. Rolly is a bum,” said Chris Colbert to Fighthype in making a prediction on Gervonta’s fight against Rolly.

Image: Chris Colbert: 'Rolly is a bum, Gervonta Davis will knock him out'

“Rolly is a bum. I just said, he’s a bum,” said Colbert in making it clear that he doesn’t rate Rolando.

Colbert is headlining this Saturday, February 26th on Showtime against replacement opponent Hector Luis Garcia (14-0, 10 KOs) at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Las Vegas

Rolly says Devin Haney can’t sell

“That’s sad because, to be honest with you, I thought Devin would beat Kambosos,” said Rolly to Fighthype when told that Devin Haney had priced himself out of the George Kambosos fight.

“No, no, no. He prices himself out a lot,” said Rolando ‘Rolly’ Romero about Haney pricing himself out of fights. “Regardless, Devins a b****. He can go and fight some 14-7 dude. You really think they’re going to let me fight a dude half my size with no power and is aggressive?” said Rolly about Kambosos.

“I’m talking about Kambosos. Haney is a bum, dude. He can’t even fill up an arena. I’m not going to waste my time.

“I’ve got a f*** pay-per-view fight [against Gervonta Davis], and you think I’m going to go fight against a dude that can’t even fill out the Mandalay Bay where he lives with all his fake a** followers?

“The undefeated ‘I got my [WBC lightweight] belt via email.’ The interim [WBC] champion that Lomachenko got elevated [to Franchise], so he [Haney] became champion and then he’s been playing, ‘I’m not going to fight anybody with his belt but I’m going to hold it just for a little.’

“Nobody wants to fight his dumb a** because he doesn’t produce anything,” said Rolly about Haney. “There’s no point in fighting him. He has nothing to offer.

“They [Team Haney] made me an offer that was like, ‘I don’t want to fight you.’ So am I really going to waste my time with Devin Haney? He’s a f*** bum,” said Rolly.

At this point, we still don’t know if Haney has priced himself out of the Kambosos fight because DAZN and Eddie Hearn are still in talks with the Australian fighter’s promoter Lou DiBella.

Rolando predicts Lomachenko stops Haney

“Lomachenko is going to stop him,” said Rolly when asked who wins between Kambosos and Loma. “Easy. That fights not even competitive. Loma fought Teo. Kambosos didn’t fight Teo.

“Teo, he fought a 10% version of Teo. That fight was Teo vs. Teo, honestly at the end of it. I don’t know if it was demons or whatever, but he [Teofimo] had injuries. You don’t just not spar for a month and a half and go into a 12 round fight.

“The thing is, if Kambosos was a decent fighter, he would have knocked out Teofimo,” Rolly said. “Lomachenko is going to beat the s*** out of him [Kambosos], man. It’s going to be bad,” said Rolly.

It’s obvious that Lomachenko will easily beat Kambosos if that fight happens, but he might not get the chance.

Haney’s promoter Eddie Hearn is still making a play to get the Kambosos fight, and he’s got the powerhouse streaming giant DAZN backing him.

Rolly wants to become a PPV star

“I’d fight Lomachenko. I don’t have a problem with him,” said Rolly. “But he’s with Top Rank. I don’t know how that going to work. I’m being realistic,” said the Mayweather Promotions promoted Rolly about the unlikelihood of a fight between him and Lomachenko getting made.

“Besides that, I’ve got so many options on this side that are worth way more money than fighting Lomachenko. I’m not even doing this for money.

“Gervonta Davis, become a pay-per-view star. Knock him out and I become a pay-per-view star or fight Lomachenko and get some ABC belt.

“Honestly, I like having belts and all that stuff. You get a belt, you defend it two or three times, you vacate it and you get another f**** belt.

“What really matters is becoming a star in the sport,” said Rolly.

If Rolly defeats Tank Davis, it’s going to make him a star overnight, but for him to remain as a big name, he’ll need to beat him in the rematch as well.

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