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Deontay Wilder: ‘There WON’T be a third Tyson Fury fight’

Deontay Wilder Tyson Fury

By Allan Fox: Deontay Wilder tells fans that there won’t be a third fight between him and Tyson Fury after he finishes inflicting pain on him this Saturday night on February 22 in their long-awaited rematch.

Wilder says he’s going to knock Fury out in the first three rounds. He’s not saying it’s necessarily going to happen in round 3. He believes Fury won’t make it past the third.

As far as WBC heavyweight champion Wilder (42-0-1, 41 KOs) is concerned, their rivalry will end on Saturday night after he knocks Fury (29-0-1 20 KOs) in “DEVASTATING” fashion in front of the large crowd that will be in attendance at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Wilder wants to inflict PAIN on Fury 

Wilder says his goal is to inflict a lot of pain on the 6’9″ Fury before knocking him “OUT of the ring” in WWE style. The American Wilder thinks Fury is now vulnerable to suffering additional knockouts after the concussion that he gave him in their first fight in 2018. Wilder says there’s now a vulnerability in Fury’s brain from the damage that occurred from his 12th round knockout.

For fans that don’t remember, that was where Wilder knocked Fury out cold with a right-left combination in round 12 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The referee gave Fury a count in what Wilder saw was a long count, which arguably saved the British fighter from being knocked out on the night.

Fury can be hit, but Wilder will need to move quickly to stay with him. Each time Wilder comes forward, Fury will throw his jabs, and then go back fast to keep from getting hit. During that time, he sticks his arm out to keep his opponents from getting in punching range. It’s the same thing that Wladimir used to do when he gives ground on an attacking opponent.

If Wilder knocks Fury out in the first three rounds, as he’s predicting he’ll be doing, there won’t be enough fan interest for the two to fight a third time. Likewise, Fury probably won’t want to risk what’s left of his career in fighting Wilder a third time, because if he gets knocked out in consecutive fights by him, fans won’t want to see him and Anthony Joshua battle.

Deontay aiming to knock Fury out of the ring

“The key to the second fight is to make the appropriate adjustments that I didn’t make in the first fight,” said Wilder to Gareth A Davies. “In the first fight, I did a lot of things that I don’t normally do.

“I was Wilder, and I had my forearms up too high. I never do this. When I look bad, I wonder, ‘Why was I doing that?’ I understand I was doing it, but it’s why was I doing it?

“And I wanted to give them a knockout by any means, whether it came by being reckless or if it came by setting him up. I just wanted to end the fight by a knockout. Being that I put him down twice, and the rising up and the controversy behind it, it was amazing.

“Now, here we are now. And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for. There’s so much buzz behind this fight. After I knock him out, I’ll definitely get the recognition that I deserved years ago. It may not come when you want it, but when it comes, it’s always on time.

“Just don’t blink, period, but be careful in the third round. He says the second, but be careful in the third. Mr. Fury loves WWE so much. I see myself hitting him, and knocking him out of the ring,” said Wilder.

Knocking Fury out of the ring would be an earth-shattering way for WBC champion Wilder to end not only the fight but also his rivalry with Fury. But Wilder probably is correct about the two giant heavyweights not facing each other a third time.

Deontay reacts to Fury’s comments about him copying him

“We’ll see what happens. For me, it’s all comedy for me,” said Wilder in responding to some negative comments from Fury about Deontay copying his style and having bad breath. “It’s all laughter. Because everything he describes, he’s talking about himself. You have to remember that I brought you back. And you didn’t do that to me. You didn’t have the platform. You had nothing for me.

“I brought you back. Just remember that,” said Deontay. “What does he have that I want to copy him off of? The way I see it, I’m still the heavyweight champion of the world. This is my 11th consecutive title defense.

“How many times has he defended his title?” said Wilder. “He’s walking about as the lineal champion having a 12 round bout with no belts visible. It’s crazy that he is talking about me copying him when he changed his uniform,” said Deontay.

Before facing Wilder, Fury fought Francesco Pianeta and Sefer Seferi. Obviously, Fury was spinning his wheels, trying to shake off the rust from having sat inactive for three years after his career-best win over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015. Fury made a big production about his win over the shot Wladimir, who by that point in his career looked feeble and lost.

During this part of the interview, Wilder appeared to lose his temper after he was shown clips of Fury saying that he copies his style, has bad breath, and how he introduced him to the big time.

Fury is vulnerable to suffering another concussion – Wilder

“He even tried to change his shoes by wearing the same type of shoes that I wear,” said Wilder on Fury. “But I copy him. This is it. I tell people to worry about this fight. Don’t worry about another fight or another rematch after this. After this, all of that disappears. There won’t be another fight to be had.

“No one will want to see it after this with as much pain as I bring to him,” said Wilder. “The knockout is going to be devastating. It’s going to be devastating. He’s already vulnerable for one now. I gave him a concussion. The same thing lies in his brain. It doesn’t go anywhere. It’s like a host. It just sits there and waits for it to get pounded and beaten on again.

“Unfortunately, the man that gave him that is the man he’s going to have to face on February 22nd again,” said Wilder. “I can’t wait. Hopefully, he wears a helmet, because he’s going to need it. I’m focused and in my zone, but the Bronze Bomber is going to come on February the 22nd. Judgment day is on February 22nd,” said Wilder.

We can expect Fury to fight exactly the way he’s always fought when he gets in there with Wilder. That means a lot of jabs, tons of feints, holding and moving around the ring. Unless Wilder is ready to step to Fury quickly to keep him from retreating to safety each time he’s attacked, we could see an exact repeat of the first fight.

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