Mayweather and Maidana heading towards showdown on September 13th

YouTube video
By Chris Williams: This video helps show how Floyd Mayweather Jr (46-0, 26 KOs) and Marcos Maidana (35-4, 31 KOs) began their journey for their much awaited rematch on September 13th on Showtime pay-per-view from the beautiful and luxurious MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Both fighters are training hard for this fight because there’s so much on the line. For Maidana, a win over Mayweather will likely earn him a third fight and chance at even bigger payday. For Mayweather, it’s about hard work and determination. He wants to continue to march forward with his career to ensure his legacy. He can’t let himself get beaten by the Argentinian slugger.

The Mayweather-Maidana 5-city press tour was a huge success with packed crowds at each of the cities they visited on their trip to promote their fight.

Their clash is a little over a month away now, and we’re going to see the best of both fighters. Both Mayweather and Maidana have studied the mistakes that they made in their first fight, and they’ve corrected them. We’re going to see a whole different Mayweather and Maidana in this fight, and it could be a very different outcome than what we saw last May.

Maidana thinks he knows what he did wrong by crowding Mayweather too much and not throwing enough body shots. Mayweather wants to use more movement and more of his boxing skills. This fight is more about Mayweather showing his true fighting style instead of looking to please fans that are mainly looking for brawling and a lot of blood.

Mayweather wants to be untouchable on September 13th, and we’re going to see if he can accomplish that against a relentless fighter who cuts off the ring as well as Maidana does. Mayweather doesn’t want to let Maidana put hands on him like he did last May, because getting hit 200 times by a slugger like Maidana isn’t a healthy thing.

If Maidana wants to connect with a lot of shots in this fight, he’s going to need to show some foot speed and agility in order to get around the ring to land his shots. Mayweather isn’t going to handicap himself this time in order to make the fight competitive, because he’s looking for a 12 round shutout on 9/13. He lost three rounds to Maidana last time, and he’s not going to let that happen again.

Mayweather and Maidana’s first fight was a back and forth brawl with both guys getting in their shots, and not backing down. Mayweather made it easy for Maidana last time, but he doesn’t plan on giving him a break in the rematch. Maidana is going to need to prove that he can beat the real Mayweather in this fight.

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