A tiny glance at the fights coming up . Part 1

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March 2013. For those of you that are unaware, and for those that care, (for those that are unaware and wouldn’t care, this is not aimed at you), we are literally (oop) spoilt for fights in the coming weeks/months. Multiple angles could be used to sell and promote these fights, such as they are, both internationally and domestically, so equal in stature.

Where to start? Well lets just paint a general picture. A sweeping blow over the weight divisions of class, power, and interest. There’s the Mayweather Guerrero fight, which is just part of the whole, well… Mayweather thing. As a fight it doesn’t really come close in terms of the match up , but its a Mayweather fight, and Guerrero has a chin. 12 rounds, outclassed, business as usual, Money Mayweather. He will entertain and as usual, make everyone realize why hes so great. He doesn’t get hit, he hits he weaves he bobs he showboats, he shows off and etc etc so on and so forth. Go away, and watch him….. very closely.

We have Canelo v Trout. A great fight on paper, and the press make it even more enticing as they blindly write Canelo off, as the U.S dominated blogs and forums call Saul out as “flat footed” and “one dimensional”. What they fail to (and I do not deny that Canelo’s footwork isn’t the best in town) realize, is that Canelo possesses the mindset of a natural fighter, he possesses reflexes and counter ability to match, he springs back from opponents, almost mechanically, drilled and honed. Simply put, Canelo can bang, he can see, and he can move when required, setting up opponents to
attack, before blowing them out with powerful quick combinations, most notably his left and right hooks to the body, and right straights. Trout can fight, and his boxing style is classy, but Canelo, truly, is class above.

What makes this more enticing is that Canelo or Trout could easily cross Mayweather’s path. Alvarez’s desire to fight Mayweather and his belief in his ability was highlighted recently, when Canelo decided to promote his next fight on his own card (rather than fight on the Guerrero-Mayweather undercard, after failing to get Mayweather to agree to fighting him (should he beat trout) in Mayweather’s next scheduled fight some time in September. Floyd should win that fight should it ever happen. He is still the King,but Canelo is as likely as any, (bar maybe Andre Ward, should he ever move down to prove it) to dismantle Floyd Mayweather.

Khan-Diaz (shifting to the domestic here, I only have so many words), as Khan ever tries to prove himself as a worthy world champion, a man with a chin, and a non deluded sense of where he is globally. If Khan can mature, and stop calling out all and sundry, and lose that gung ho “I see red” attitude that has so afflicted him recently, he can be a World champion, maybe…Martin Murray v Sergio Martinez(who is however living up to his name of not really testing himself, a Martinez fight or similar would hush those up), which will be closer than is being made out, is surely a great platform for a huge upset, and as such makes for an interesting fight.

Other Brits include Nathan Cleverly, so nicely poised for a possible fight with the newly confirmed legend of the sport Bernard Hopkins, becoming the oldest World Champion, beating the old record, his own by two years. A natural fight and a huge ticket seller, and maybe the start of great things for “Clev”. George Groves and Ricky Burns (again, a topic for another post with recent moves to Matchroom boxing and Eddie Hearn) both onto pastures new, await big fights. Darren Barker, Andy Lee, Matthew Macklin and Martin Murray, also make up the strong current numbers in the British middleweight division. Tyson Fury now leading the way at heavyweight after David Price’s recent loss to Tony Thompson, also involved in an upcoming fight. We are yet to see if Fury’s Twitter antics can entice on of the Kiltschkos.

Back to the U.S

Garcia v Judah of course, Garcia’s 2nd fight back after sending Amir Khan to the floor with devastating, fly with all you have blind power. My feeling is that Garcia has the KO ability to knock out most anyone up to 154, with ease. He hasnt been tested, and has been in with some real trash. The thing with Garcia though, is hes one of those guys, he’s just a fighter, he has a great chin and devastating fight ending power. Whilst not technically great, and will always draw negative press from aficionados, he sells tickets, he takes a punch, and he Knocks . Out. Flashy.

After this mad show, and all is said and done there are the likes of Gennady Golovkin and others, knocking ever so silently on the door to boxing knowns rather than unknowns. All this, and not a mention of Adrien Broner? That topic my friends, is for another time.

Froch v Kessler? Up next..

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