Murray robbed against Martinez

murray66By boxflavour: First off, lets get one thing very clear. Martin Murray, put in an absolutely stunning performance against Sergio Martinez on Saturday night, and won that fight. I don’t know what some of the writers are talking about, what fight were you watching.

The scale of this performance as usual, was completely ignored by the Martinez loving American commentators. Martinez looked poor . He was made to look poor, by a bigger, stronger, smarter boxer on the night. Not only this, but the use of Video technology was also used, to decide whether the second knock down was  a knock down – so we were in safe hands there, or were we…

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Rigondeaux v Donaire – 2 cents

donaire9By boxflavour: When looking at Nonito Donaire v Guillermo Rigondeaux, you have to look beyond just two names on a sheet, before Googling in a vain attempt to learn more about the fighters in question. Admit it, you had sort of heard of Donaire, Standard. But Rigo, nah , only the true diehards follow the amateur careers; this is even more applicable the lower down the weights you go.

I salute you, all you Youtube hunters, entering the keywords “Rigondeaux highlights/knock outs/knocked down?”, but unless you watch a fighter over his time line, and try and watch EVERY moment of every fight, then MAYBE you have a chance at predicting the outcomes. This assumes you know how to process a fighters style, technique, strengths, weaknesses , etc etc etc. Once you have done that , (and only then!!) are your truly able to post an article on a subject of which you know nothing

Now- Having done this myself, it is fairly clear.

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A tiny glance at the fights coming up . Part 1

March 2013. For those of you that are unaware, and for those that care, (for those that are unaware and wouldn’t care, this is not aimed at you), we are literally (oop) spoilt for fights in the coming weeks/months. Multiple angles could be used to sell and promote these fights, such as they are, both internationally and domestically, so equal in stature.

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