Brook vs. Alexander heading to Detroit in late February or early March

alexander45By Scott Gilfoid: IBF welterweight champion Devon Alexander (24-1, 13 KO’s) and his British opponent Kell Brook (29-0, 19 KO’s) will be landing in Detroit in either February or March, according to LA Times writer Lance Pugmire.

Pugmire said on his twitter “Devon Alexander-Brook fight going to Detroit along with K9-Ishe Smith in late Feb-early March, possibly at Fox Theater, [Richard] Schaefer tells me.”

Like the previous venue [Los Angeles] that the Brook-Alexander fight was mentioned as taking place, Detroit will be a neutral venue whether neither fighter has an advantage of a disadvantage. I’m still trying to figure out why Golden Boy Promotions will be putting the fight there because it doesn’t make sense at all. Who is going to want to show up to see Alexander and Brook fight in Detroit?

The only logical place for the fight to be staged where it makes any kind of good money is in Alexander’s home city of St. Louis, Missouri. Alexander fights in front of huge crowds of 10,000 fans when he fights in St. Louis, and at least if they fought there the two fighters could get some good money from the gate. But I guess Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn wants a neutral venue so that Brook doesn’t have to face a loud hostile crowd.

The way I see it if Brook is really all that good like Hearn thinks he is then he should be okay with fighting Alexander in his home city, right? Shouldn’t Brook be able to beat Alexander anywhere on Earth if he’s really better than him? I have a feeling that there’s some doubt there on Brook and Hearn’s part about Brook’s chances against the talented Alexander.

I see no advantage to putting the Alexander vs. Brook fight in Detroit. Heck, they might as well not even have the fight at all if that’s where it’s going to take place because I doubt the fight will draw even 2000 fans. Brook and Hearn just need to see the light and agree to fight Alexander in St Louis and be happy they’re getting to fight this talent at all in the first place. That’s where the fight needs to be, and Brook just needs to say yes already so those guys can make some decent money for this fight.

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