Munroe vs. Quigg this Saturday

Image: Munroe vs. Quigg this SaturdayBy Scott Gilfoid: Rendall Munroe (24-2, 10 KO’s) is hoping to sink Scott Quigg’s title aspirations this Saturday night in their fight for the interim WBA World super bantamweight title at the Velodrome, in Manchester, Lancashire, UK, The winner of this fight will likely end up as bait for the WBA World super bantamweight champion Guillermo Rigondeaux to tear apart in the near future.

There’s no way on earth that either Munroe or Quigg could beat a talented fighter like Rigondeaux. Indeed, Rigondeaux is so good that he’d probably KO Quigg, Munroe and Carl Frampton back to back during a single nights’ show. I can’t see any of them lasting more than two or three rounds at best.

But the Quigg-Munroe fight is a competitive one between two domestic level fighters going after the interim WBA strap. God, I hate all these made up belts that the sanctioning bodies create just to get sanctioning fee. What happens is you get guys that are holding down a strap that they have no business holding.

Quigg, 23, is the younger fighter with the better power. However, Munroe is a much more skilled and has better defensive skills as well. Quigg is a wide open fighter that can easily be hit. He’s a sitting duck for the world class fighters with power. Quigg’s lack of defense will be what sinks him in the future when he finally faces a quality world class contender. It won’t take Rigondeaux to blast Quigg out. Someone else will do it, and make it look easy.

I don’t know who to pick in this fight. Munroe looked so god awful bad in losing to Toshiako Nishioka in the one time that he stepped in up during his career. And Quigg always looks beatable and flawed. He was knocked down by fellow domestic level fighter Jamie Arthur in his last fight in February. Imagine if that was Rigondeaux in there with Quigg instead of Arthur. That’s what we’re going to be looking at in then near future if Quigg can beat Munroe. He’s going to be okay as long as he avoids Rigondaux any of the top 10 contenders, but once he faces someone good that’s all she wrote.

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