Bradley: I already know what to do against Pacquiao

By Boxing News - 04/07/2012 - Comments

Image: Bradley: I already know what to do against PacquiaoBy Chris Williams: Undefeated Tim Bradley says he’s already studied WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao’s fights on tape and he knows exactly what to do to beat the 33-year-old Filipino fighter in their June 9th fight at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bradley plans on making adjustments to the things that Pacquiao does and he notes that he does a couple of things, such as coming forward to slug or moving away trying to box.

Bradley said this to “I already know what to do, it’s in my head. I’ve watched Manny Pacquiao tapes and am already dialed in…Whatever he wants to do, I’m gonna know from the first round.”

It’s pretty obvious what Pacquiao will do. He’ll move forward like he always does, and try and throw fast combinations and then move away. If his legs are working in the early rounds, Pacquiao will try jumping from side to side to use angles when throwing his shots. I don’t expect that to last long if he can even still do it before his legs start cramping jup, and he’s forced back into the plod that he’s been using consistently for his last three fights. Once the legs go, Pacquiao will be walking up to Bradley flat-footed looking to throw his combinations and probably making that loud “Bap-bap-bap’ sound that Pacquiao uses when he throws his shots.

Bradley says he’s going to mix up his fighting style on June 9th by slugging and boxing the Filipino star to keep him off balance.

Bradley says “Whatever he tries to do, that’s how I’m gonna react.”

That sounds nice. Pacquiao is going to have problems, I can just tell. He’s not going to be used to fighting someone that makes quick adjustments like Bradley and things are probably going to turn messy for Pacquiao. His trainer Freddie Roach is going to be working overtime trying to spit out advice in the corner in between rounds. Things have been bad for Roach lately with his fighters falling off and getting beaten like flies. It would be bad to see Roach about to lose another fighter with Pacquiao getting taken apart by Bradley.

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