Julio Diaz may need a KO to beat Paul McCloskey on May 5th

Image: Julio Diaz may need a KO to beat Paul McCloskey on May 5thBy Scott Gilfoid: I’m really hoping that Julio Diaz (38-7, 27 KO’s) isn’t the next poor sap that goes into Belfast and comes out miserable in his upcoming fight against Ireland’s Paul McCloskey (23-1, 12 KO’s) on May 5th at the King’s Hall in Belfast, Northern, Ireland.

The last fighter that went to Belfast to fight the 32-year-old McCloskey was Breidis Prescott, who after dominating pretty every round of the 12 round fight, he found himself losing by a 12 round unanimous decision last September. I saw the fight may half dozen times trying to figure out what the judges were thinking when they gave McCloskey the victory, and the best I could come up with was giving McCloskey one round.

If I was bend over backwards maybe I’d have given McCloskey a mercy round on effort alone towards the end of the fight. But effort is meaningless when your eating jabs and missing punches like McCloskey was in the last four rounds of the fight when he tried to pressure Prescott. At any rate, I hate to say it but I think Diaz might need one of those big knockouts to escape with a win in this fight. If he lets it go to decision, I have a feeling he won’t get it. He’ll be deeply disappointed if he lets McCloskey finish the fight on his feet, because I don’t see Diaz getting a decision on May 5th. Nope, I don’t see it.

I see it like this: McCloskey only has to come forward throwing air shots that miss by a mile and he’ll win round after round and come on top by a comfortable margin. This is why I think Diaz needs to come into the fight with a real sense of urgency that he may need a brutal KO to ensure he gets the win because I don’t have a lot of faith in him being able to win a decision in McCloskey’s home town.

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