Fury: I don’t care about the Klitschkos; I want the Irish heavyweight title in fight against Rogan

By Boxing News - 03/27/2012 - Comments

Image: Fury: I don't care about the Klitschkos; I want the Irish heavyweight title in fight against RoganBy Scott Gilfoid: Former British and Commonwealth heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (17-0, 12 KO’s) vacated his two titles recently when faced with a tough bout against unbeaten challenger David Price and is now set to fight 40-year-old Martin Rogan (14-2, 7 KO’s) for the Irish heavyweight title on April 14th at the Odyssey Arena, in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Fury says he’d rather go after the Irish title than to face the Klitschko brothers.

I guess Fury really identifies with Ireland or something. I always thought he was from England. When did he become Irish? I wonder if David Price has smidgin of Irish blood in him. We aught to bring Price over to Ireland to see how much Fury really cares about the Irish heavyweight strap.

So Fury would rather skip over fights that would make him far more money and earn him a lot more respect in order for him to fight the 40-year-old Rogan for the regional Irish heavyweight strap. I’ve heard of under achievers before but Fury takes the cake.

Fury said “I don’t care about Wladimir or Vitali Kltischko, those guys can wait because winning the Irish heavyweight championship means everything to me.”

I don’t know if Fury has noticed this or not but Ireland doesn’t exactly have a whole heck of a lot of good heavyweights, so winning the Irish heavyweight title isn’t all that big of a deal right now. It’s picking an easy mark and then getting excited about it. I can’t figure out where Fury comes out ahead. There’s no real win-win situation in beating a 40-year-old fighter in Rogan, who was already twice beaten by Sam Sexton and who doesn’t much since then. How about Fury getting excited about facing Price or a top 15 contender?

As far as the Klitschkos being able to wait for Fury, I think I disagree with that. Vitali is on the verge of retirement and can go any day. He might last a little longer but I wouldn’t bet on it. I certainly wouldn’t go lining up fights against 2nd tier heavyweights just to get my kicks of winning a regional title.

Fury says he was upset because he couldn’t fight for Ireland in the Olympics. Okay, but the Olympics would have at least put Fury up against some really decent heavyweights. Fighting the 40-year-old Rogan for the Irish heavyweight strap isn’t the same as fighting in the Olympics for Ireland. I don’t see any gain from what Fury is doing. Olympics is one thing and fighting an aging smaller heavyweight like Rogan is something completely different.

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