Scott to beat Chisora by lopsided decision – Prediction

scott36By Scott Gilfoid: British heavyweight Dereck Chisora (16-4, 10 KO’s) is in really tough tonight against unbeaten American Malik Scotto (35-0-1, 12 KO’s) at the Wembley Arena in London, UK. This is really not a good fight for Chisora. Scott has way too much boxing skills going for him to be beaten by a short, rounded fighter like the 6’1”, 242 lbs.

Chisora. Scott likes to move a lot, and he’s not like one of the typical opponents that Chisora has beaten in the past. I see this fight going badly for Chisora, and I can’t see him winning more than one or two rounds at best, and even then I think it’s going to be more of a situation where he’s given rounds that arguably should have been given to Scott.

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Derek Chisora vs Malik Scott Preview

chisora8By Peter Wells (twitter- @boxingbrains): The ‘Jekyll & Hyde’ story continues for Derek ‘DelBoy’ Chisora tonight as the Londoner known more for his out of the ring madness than his in the ring serenity, takes on unbeaten heavyweight prospect Malik Scott.

Three defeats in a row may have broken the sanest of fighters, but Chisora’s dual personality has ensured through it all he’s remained calm. Like Nate Robinson on the basketball court, Chisora never lacks self confidence and always insists to himself that he is on fire, no matter how bad things get.

While Chisora’s career has been somewhat of a rollercoaster ride, Malik Scott’s better resembles that of a merry-go-round. Apart from one draw on his record – when Scott looked the clear winner – in his last bout, the Philadelphian boxer has had everything go his way – albeit against very poor opposition.

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Warren: Chisora can’t afford a loss

chisora34By Scott Gilfoid: British promoter Frank Warren believes that his fighter heavyweight Dereck Chisora (16-4, 10 KO’s) can ill afford a loss on Saturday night to the highly skilled American Malik Scott (35-0-1, 12 KO’s) at the Wembley Arena, in London, United Kingdom.

Warren said to The Sun “This is about credibility for Dereck, to show he belongs in the elite. He certainly can’t afford to a loss, he has to win, win, win all the way.”

Well, I don’t know that I really see Malik Scott as an elite heavyweight. To me, elite means someone ranked in the top 5 in the heavyweight division, and even then, I think elite for the heavyweight division is really top 2, because pretty much the rest of the heavyweights in the top 15 are badly flawed.

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Malik Scott: Chisora’s entire focus is on outside of the ring antics rather than inside of the ring

scott37By Scott Gilfoid: Unbeaten heavyweight contender Malik Scott (35-0-1, 12 KO’s) thinks his opponent for Saturday night Dereck Chisora (16-4, 10 KO’s) puts his entire focus on outside of the ring antics rather than what he does once he gets inside of the ring. Scott says his focus on what happens inside of the ring with showing his skills and winning his fights.

Scott said to esnewsreporting, “He’s overmatched though. If you look everything he’s going for is outside of the ring. Everything I’m going for is inside the ring.”

Scott is obviously talking about how Chisora has kissed one of his opponents outside of the ring, slapped WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko, spit water in the face of Wladimir Klitschko, and was involved in a brawl with David Haye.

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Chisora: I saw fear in Malik Scott’s eyes during stare down

scott40By Scott Gilfoid: British heavyweight Dereck Chisora (16-4, 10 KO’s) thinks he saw fear in the eyes of unbeaten American Malik Scott (35-0-1, 12 KO’s) in their stare down today at the North London Gym. The two fighters met after Scott had missed a press conference on Monday due to him reportedly not knowing about it. Chisora and Scott will be facing each other this Saturday night in a fight at the Wembley Arena, Wembley, in London, United Kingdom.

This is a must win for both guys for different reasons. Chisora has been getting beaten left and right for the past couple of years and now has 4 losses in his last 6 fights. He needs a win just to be considered a gate keeper. Scott needs a victory to move up the world rankings from the #13 IBF, #15 WBA to get in position for a title shot.

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Chisora trying to lose weight for Malik Scott fight on July 20th

chisora45By Scott Gilfoid: British heavyweight Dereck Chisora (16-4, 10 KO’s) is reportedly dieting to take off blubber for his July 20th fight against American heavyweight Malik Scott (35-0-1, 12 KO’s) at the Wembley Arena, Wembley, London, United Kingdom. The fight is scheduled for 10 rounds and Chisora, 29, will be the hometown fighter in this one.

Chisora said to “I am feeling great and my new diet is bringing the weight off. I have no idea what the diet is. I go and see this company, they put me on a machine, do tests and then deliver the food and I eat it.”

I don’t like the way this sounds. I wonder how much blubber Chisora put on after his 9th round TKO win over journeyman Hector Alfredo Avila last April.

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Chisora: Malik Scott will be tougher than Deontay Wilder would have been

chisora3243By Scott Gilfoid: Dereck Chisora (16-4, 10 KO’s) dodged a real bullet when heavyweight knockout artist Deontay Wilder (28-0, 28 KO’s) couldn’t make it over to the UK to fight him due to some legal problems hanging over his head.

Chisora was facing almost certain loss with the Wilder fight given how powerful the American puncher is. But now that Deontay is out of the picture, Chisora has less threatening foe in unbeaten Malik Scott (35-0-1, 12 KO’s) ahead of him on July 20th at the Wembley Arena, in London, UK.

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Scott: Deontay Wilder is ready now

wilder52By Scott Gilfoid: Unbeaten heavyweight Malik Scott believes undefeated knockout artist Deontay Wilder (27-0, 27 KO’s) is ready to go after the big time after getting a look at him when the heavyweights assisted heavyweight contender Tomasz Adamek in sparring.

Scott said on his social media site “I believe BronzeBomber [Deontay Wilder] is ready now as well, bro. No risk, no reward.”

Scott’s thoughts pretty much echo those of the late great trainer Emanuel Steward, who last year around this time said that Wilder is about a year away from challenging the top heavyweights in the division.

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