Matthysse confirms rematch with Danny Garcia has already been arranged

matthysse3564By Franco Ranzoni: Lucas Matthysse arriving back home in Argentina has immediately confirmed to the Argentine media that a rematch with WBA/WBC light welterweight champion Danny Garcia has already been discussed. “A date” he says “is still being worked out.” This comes as outstanding news for any boxing fan out there who witnessed what could be described as the one of the best fights–if not the best– of 2013.

For 12 rounds the two champions exchanged blows that would have probably knocked out most other fighters out there. These two, however, took every devastating blow, and returned them with interest. Matthysse vs Garcia looks destined to become our generation’s Gatti vs Ward.

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The Side of Lucas Matthysse no one talks about

matthsse88By Franco Ranzoni: WBC interim light welterweight champion Lucas Matthysse has 32 KO wins out of 34 victories. The highest KO percentage in boxing today among active fighters. His power has been described as monstrous and scary. “It’s literally like a bomb explodes every time he lands a punch,” said Paulie Malignaggi of Matthysse after the Lamont Peterson fight last May.

Matthysse has never been knocked down in a professional fight. This is what we all know about Lucas Matthysse. But what about what we don’t know about the man who is on the cusp of boxing history?

Having befriended both Lucas and his brother Walter some years ago on Facebook, I am often surprised to find that hardly anybody pays any attention to the part of his life that truly makes him the modest boxing star that he is today.

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