Matthysse confirms rematch with Danny Garcia has already been arranged

By francoranzoni - 09/17/2013 - Comments

matthysse3564By Franco Ranzoni: Lucas Matthysse arriving back home in Argentina has immediately confirmed to the Argentine media that a rematch with WBA/WBC light welterweight champion Danny Garcia has already been discussed. “A date” he says “is still being worked out.” This comes as outstanding news for any boxing fan out there who witnessed what could be described as the one of the best fights–if not the best– of 2013.

For 12 rounds the two champions exchanged blows that would have probably knocked out most other fighters out there. These two, however, took every devastating blow, and returned them with interest. Matthysse vs Garcia looks destined to become our generation’s Gatti vs Ward.

With the next fight already looming all that is left for us to do is simply to sit and wait for what could be an even more exhilarating fight than the first. I say “more exhilarating” because I definitely feel that the refereeing in this fight played an enormous role in the final outcome of the fight.

To have 7 low blow warnings in a twelve round fight and only be deducted one point towards the very end is embarrassing to say the least. Perhaps the only reason more attention was not drawn on such ridiculous behavior is because Matthysse kept coming forward without hesitation. Sadly, I am only referring to the low blows that were noticed by Tony Weeks. The rest of them–another handful, were ignored. I invite all boxing fans to watch the fight a second time and pay close attention to how most of Matthysse’s most dangerous rallies were halted by ¬†low blows by Danny Garcia. A champion must find every possible way to keep his belts. This, however, was a little too much. A low blow can change the whole course of a fight. Can you imagine what more than ten could do to a fighter?

Last but not least, a word must be said about the knockdown on the eleventh. Whilst fans of Danny Garcia will take pride in Matthysse’s first knockdown at the hands of the champion, others will be outraged at how Garcia forced Matthysse’s body down and into the ropes and proceeded to land three straight punches without the referee stepping in. Had this not happen, we might be talking of Lucas Matthysse as the champion of the world. Instead, most of us are left with a sour taste in our mouths.

Whilst Matthysse’s swollen eye was also a major factor in the outcome of the fight, this was in no shape or form something that should be considered an unfair advantage given that it was Garcia’s devastating power that caused it to close the way it did. That, is simply boxing.

Ultimately, Danny Garcia proved to be a real force in boxing. He is undoubtedly a deserving champion who has found a way to maintain his titles for a fourth straight time. An impressive achievement considering Garcia is just 25 years old. Even more impressive if we consider the opposition he has faced in those last four fights. That being said, there is clearly no greater challenge for Garcia than another bout with Lucas Matthysse. Considering the Argentine’s post fight comments, we might be getting that fight sooner than we expect. I’m crossing my fingers. Are you?

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